Elastos Essentials

Elastos Essentials

Multi-network crypto Wallet and Web3 Identity manager.

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Elastos Essentials
Elastos Essentials Elastos Essentials Elastos Essentials Elastos Essentials Elastos Essentials

Elastos Essentials is an advanced web3 wallet to manage:

- Your crypto assets on a large number of networks such as Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Heco (HT), Elastos (ELA), Arbitrum (AETH), Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX), and much more. Easily stake, swap, bridge your assets across networks. Add your own networks. Switch between networks and wallets in one touch.
- Your web3 identity (W3C DIDs - own your data).
- Your web3 dApps: forget Metamask, do everything from your mobile.
- Your decentralized storage space (Elastos Hive - own your data).
- Elastos ecosystem voting features.

All of this with one of the best user interfaces on the market.

Be one of the first users to witness the new decentralized internet as it evolves to solve real problems for people all over the world.

All services are provided by Trinity Tech Co, Ltd.

About Elastos:

Elastos is an open source global project creating decentralized web services that center around blockchain technology. These services are free for developers to use to build a reimagined internet designed for the Information Age: a Smartweb of dApps.

While several ecosystems are being built for dApps, Elastos goes far beyond mere smart contracts (self-executing agreements) and provides a full suite of decentralized SDKs and web services that can be utilized for an internet without websites.


If you are a developer interested in working with Elastos technologies, please visit our Telegram group for developers:


Join Our Community

Elastos has an international community of active supporters dedicated to building, promoting, discussing, and using the new internet Elastos is creating.

We encourage and welcome all feedback and user experience while using our app! Please join us on Telegram in the Essentials group (https://t.me/elastosbrowser) or in the Elastos main group (https://t.me/elastosgroup) to chat, on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Web3Essentials), or send us an email to contact@trinity-tech.io

About this version (2.5.4)

Full support for CR council elections Minor security improvements following Slowmist audit Identity credentials improvements More convenient way to view transactions in wallet, improved NFT discovery Many bug fixes

Other versions

2.5.2 released on 22 March 2022 (444 days ago)
2.5.0 released on 24 January 2022 (501 days ago)
2.4.3 released on 12 January 2022 (513 days ago)
2.4.1 released on 21 December 2021 (535 days ago)
2.3.5 released on 23 November 2021 (563 days ago)
2.3.4 released on 09 November 2021 (577 days ago)
2.3.1 released on 21 October 2021 (596 days ago)
2.2.0 released on 16 September 2021 (631 days ago)
2.1.4 released on 19 August 2021 (659 days ago)
2.1.0 released on 21 July 2021 (688 days ago)
2.0.2 released on 19 May 2021 (751 days ago)
2.0.0 released on 23 April 2021 (777 days ago)

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Version: 2.5.4 by Trinity Tech Co., Ltd.
Updated: 03 May 2022 (402 days ago)
Released: 23 April 2021
Installations: more than 1 000
Elastos Essentials
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