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EdgeWise Connect
EdgeWise Connect EdgeWise Connect EdgeWise Connect EdgeWise Connect EdgeWise Connect

EdgeWise Connect is a streamlined VPN that keeps you online when you’re at the edge of Wi-Fi - that place where videos freeze calls drop and audio skips. EdgeWise runs quietly in the background and will swoop in whenever necessary to seamlessly switch you between Wi-Fi and Cellular preventing slow or non-working hotspots from interrupting your online activities.

Whether you are streaming a YouTube video listening to music on Spotify or chatting over Skype EdgeWise Connect will make sure you never disconnect--even if your Wi-Fi does.

In addition to providing connection stability EdgeWise Connect also protects your online privacy with bank-grade encryption. This ensures that no one is able to spy on your Internet activities or steal sensitive information.

EdgeWise Connect is powered by the Speedify Channel Bonding SDK.

The free version of EdgeWise Connect includes 3 hours of active usage per day.

Upgrade to a monthly or yearly plan for unlimited usage.

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This release contains various bug fixes, improvements, and optimizations.

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2.1.260 released on 29 October 2020 (82 days ago) released on 26 June 2020 (207 days ago) released on 28 February 2020 (326 days ago)

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Released: 25 February 2020
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