Edge Sense Plus

Edge Sense Plus

Edge Sense Plus squeezes additional features out for you!

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Edge Sense Plus
Edge Sense Plus Edge Sense Plus Edge Sense Plus Edge Sense Plus Edge Sense Plus Edge Sense Plus Edge Sense Plus Edge Sense Plus

This app just works on HTC and Pixel devices with a squeezable frame!

Information to Pixel2/Pixel3 users Starting with Android Q the app works even on unrooted devices by replacing the Assistant app with Edge Sense Plus. Instructions are given in the app. For Oreo and Pie users root is still required.

Android Authority "Edge Sense Plus makes the HTC U11 a shortcut machine"
"Use Edge Sense Plus to customize Active Edge on your Pixel 3"
XDA-Developers "Edge Sense Plus for HTC U11 Quick Look Get More Out of Every Squeeze"
"Customize the Google Pixel 2’s Active Edge to do any action with Edge Sense Plus [XDA Spotlight]"

Edge Sense Plus adds new actions and functionality to HTC Edge Sense!

The available double squeeze gesture will be useful for all that often accidentally trigger the short squeeze
what shouldn't happen that easily with the double squeeze gesture.

With the G-Sensor functionality you will be able to execute different actions depending on the current position of your device whether it is flat upright in your hand or in lanscape
That means that Edge Sense Plus adds seven more additional squeeze gestures so you have now 9 different squeeze gestures that you can use and customize.

But that is not all if you use the Action per app action you can define different actions depending in what app you currently are!

Additionally a sidebar will help you to access your favourite apps recent apps and quicksettings from everywhere.

To add some more fun to your squeezes you can let play a custom sound that will be played when executing a squeeze gesture.

With the magisk system mod enabled you can perform actions while the screen is off.
It also unlocks additonal features like coloring the visual feedback.

There are 40+ actions you can use

► Action per app You can have different actions dependent in what app you are!
► Sidebar with three different panels Applications Quick Settings Recent Apps
► Gesture Panel
► Custom App
► Custom shortcuts e.g. direct calls messages or email
► Recent Apps
► Toggle Autorotation
► Autobrightness (6 states Auto Min Low Mid High Max)
► Expand/Collapse Statusbar
► Toggle NFC (root)
► Toggle Display on/off (root)
► Toggle DND
► Toggle Vibration
► Toggle Bluetooth
► Toggle WiFi
► Music Play/Pause
► Previous Track
► Next Track
► Toggle Keep awake
► Google Assistent
► HTC Alexa
► Lock Screen
► Back
► Home
► Split Screen
► Toggle Sync
► Sync all accounts
► Previous App
► Scroll up
► Scroll down
► Clear all notifications
► Toggle Flashlight
► Answer Call
► End Call
► Fullscreen Mode
► Shell command (root)
► Toggle Powersaver (root)
► Toggle GPS (root)
► Camera (root)

If you have any more features you want to see or want to help with translations contact us!


Due system limitations it is not possible to execute squeeze actions without root while the screen is off.
In most cases you would want to open the camera while the sceeen is off so the workaround would be to leave the long press squeeze gesture mapped to camera and just let Edge Sense Plus control the short squeeze.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
You need to enable this permission to be able to use the "Lock Screen" action.

About this version (1.32.0)

Android 11 support

Other versions

1.31.1 released on 22 February 2020 (820 days ago)

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Size: 10 MB
Version: 1.32.0 by j to the 4n
Updated: 22 September 2020 (607 days ago)
Released: 20 July 2017
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Edge Sense Plus
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