Eclipse Calculator 2

Eclipse Calculator 2

Discover the past and future solar and lunar eclipses

Eclipse Calculator 2
Eclipse Calculator 2 Eclipse Calculator 2 Eclipse Calculator 2 Eclipse Calculator 2 Eclipse Calculator 2 Eclipse Calculator 2 Eclipse Calculator 2 Eclipse Calculator 2

This is an application to compute and simulate astronomical events. A tool for astronomy lovers that allows to know in a simple way the general and local circumstances for solar and lunar eclipses and planetary transits.

Which futur eclipses will be visible from my location? And from the antipodes? What they will be like? How long will they last? And in the past, how many eclipses have there been? All these and many other questions about both, eclipses and planetary transits, are answered with this tool. Now, all the information about these astronomical events in your mobile thanks to this application.


* Access to data of all solar and lunar eclipses and planetary transits between 1900 and 2100 (extendable to 1550 - 2300).

* Computation of general circumstances of the phenomenon, including global visibility maps.

* Computation of the local circumstances of the phenomenon for any place in the world (beginning, end, duration, altitude of the Sun or Moon above the horizon, ...)

* Interactive maps to know the circumstances of the eclipse.

* Simulation of the phenomenon from your observational point.

* Simulation of the path of the Moon shadow on the Earth's surface (solar eclipses).

* Simulation of the Moon's path through the Earth's shadow (lunar eclipses).

* Choice of observation place from a data base, manually or from the GPS coordinates.

* Lunar limb profile and Baily's beads.

* Sky at totality.

* Continous tracking of you position and update of the contact times. Useful if you observe the eclipse on board a ship.

* Possibility to adding the eclipses and transits to the personal calendar.

* Countdown.

* Available in English, Catalan, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Portuguese and Thai.

About this version (2.2.20)

Improvement of the Baily's beads simulation.

Other versions

2.2.19 released on 07 March 2021 (1083 days ago)
2.2.18 released on 02 July 2020 (1331 days ago)
2.2.17 released on 10 May 2020 (1384 days ago)

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Eclipse Calculator 2
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