Easy Speedometer Basic

Easy Speedometer Basic

Speedometer with odometer mean and max. speed in km/h or mph large numbers

Easy Speedometer Basic
Easy Speedometer Basic Easy Speedometer Basic Easy Speedometer Basic Easy Speedometer Basic Easy Speedometer Basic Easy Speedometer Basic Easy Speedometer Basic Easy Speedometer Basic

Use this speedometer with mileage counter (odometer) and many other features, especially when you are not driving a car but going by bicycle, by train, by boat or even by airplane.

You can quickly display the current geo-location without the need of an internet connection.

Simple displays with large figures (depends on number of displayed components).

Speedometer (km/h, mph, kn, m/s), Analog meter with auto-range that adjusts to the speed, even at very high speeds.

Odometer (km, mi, nm, m), 2 counters for current "trip" and "overall" routes.

Altitude above sea level (m, ft), correcting offset can be added.

Geo-location (coordinates in degrees/minutes/seconds).

Timer that counts from last reset of a route.

Note that you can transfer data already measured by this app to the Pro version called "Easy Speedometer Pro". For this you have to export the routes to a file.

The PRO-version contains more features. It is available in Google Play too.

Inside the app you can only display English or German language even though Google Play may have translated this text into your language.

Please note that this app may start displaying advertising by February 2021.

Feedback welcome! Mail to mail@easyspeedo.com or write an app review!

About this version (2.4.0)

Swipe down for a menu action bar. Reset current trip route without a history or generating a new one.

Other versions

2.3.8 released on 17 February 2021 (461 days ago)
2.3.7 released on 27 January 2021 (482 days ago)
2.3.5 released on 31 December 2020 (509 days ago)
2.3.0 released on 14 November 2020 (556 days ago)
2.0.12 released on 09 October 2020 (592 days ago)
varies with device released on 21 September 2020 (610 days ago)

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Updated: 24 April 2021 (395 days ago)
Released: 09 October 2020
Installations: more than 5 000
Easy Speedometer Basic
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