Easy Home Offtake

Easy Home Offtake

Very simple application to check meter readings for household each month

Easy Home Offtake
Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake Easy Home Offtake

Record month-end value of Meter households into your mobile application and you will have a useful tool which helps you track of your consumed units.

Application can also serve as evidence in case of a faulty billing consumed services because photo can be assigned to each measurement. Photography contains information about the date of photographing the meter.

Data are stored in the phone safely and you can backup them locally or into your Google Drive.

The application can be used in all countries because a particular unit is not specified (kWh m3 kJ etc.) Enter the number simply and so much "pieces" will be counted. But if you want you can specify units in section of meters and currency in settings.

Consumption is evaluated in relation to the meter type. In case of the incremental (basic) type from 2 values of the related months it is calculated consumption of the current month (the same applies for the chart) and in the case of 3 values it can be already counted a unit saving / increase compared to the previous month. In case of the absolute (special) meter type the consumption is the read value and only two values are sufficient to display the difference.Of course measurements can be carried out a week or a day and the chart takes it into the month summary!

The basic categories are GAS HOT WATER COLD WATER and ELECTRICITY. If necessary there is section Meters for additional measurements and section Locations for further offtake points. In Price section it is possible to set price for unit or month advance payment and coefficient for units conversion (e.g. for gas billing).

Besides the basic functions of adding editing deleting and replication the record there is also available list by categories search in notes progress of a year using graphs photogallery backup / restore database export all data to Excel end-month notifications and simple widget for home screen.

Easy Home Offtake is available completely FREE - no ads and no microtransactions. The application is compatible with Android v4.1 - v11.0 (API 16-30) and graphic uses Material Design.

The application is available in these languages

- Czech (created by Vojtech Pohl)
- Slovak (translated by Vojtech Pohl)
- English (translated by Vojtech Pohl)
- German (translated by Marcus Meyer)
- Polish (translated by Andrzej Guzek)
- Hungarian (translated by László Nagy)
- Russian (translator)
- Italian (translator)
- Spanish (translator)

Language will be set automatically according to the language of your device but it can be changed manually in settings. In case you want to add translation for your country or you find any discrepancies please contact me via email.

About this version (6.3.0)

v6.3.0 (REPORT FOUND BUGS VIA EMAIL, PLEASE!) + support for Android 11.0 (R) + graphs can be exported into image (PNG) + possibility to clean a specific location / meter + folder with existing photos needs to be moved (one-time manually) by Android 11 users + folder for local backup and export needs to be set by user since Android 11 + minor fixes and improvements

Other versions

6.2.2 released on 29 June 2020 (213 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 9 MB
Version: 6.3.0 by VoPo
Updated: 20 January 2021 (8 days ago)
Released: 13 June 2015
Installations: more than 50 000
Easy Home Offtake
5 Stars: 1094
4 Stars: 109
3 Stars: 59
2 Stars: 0
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