Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude

Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude

Daily Journal diary with a lock gratitude journal and mood tracker for you.

Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude
Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude

Ease journal is a free journal, diary with a lock, gratitude journal and mood tracker app for your mental health that will help you feel calmer and reduce anxiety.

Self care, mental health and personal growth are important and this app will help you with in-depth reflection and exploration of your values, opinions and personality traits to strengthen not just the relationship you have with yourself, but also the connections you build with others. This is the best free journal app for self care, happiness, anxiety and stress relief.

Ease Journal - mood tracker, free gratitude journal and private Diary with a lock will help you lower stress levels, feel calmer and reconnect with yourself. Use this free gratitude journal to focus on the positive things in your live and to record what you are grateful for. Practice gratitude with this simple, free, and private gratitude journaling app.

A private journal and diary that offers a safe space to express difficult emotions, making it easier to work through distressing thoughts that you might struggle to share out loud. This mood tracker app and gratitude journal app also supports adding photos and recordings. Simply the best diary app that that allows you to personalize your journal diary with beautiful themes and fonts.

Ease journal is a journaling app that can help you stay accountable. Ease journal sends you daily reminders to write in your gratitude journal and dairy. The app provides you with prompts for self discovery, managing emotions, anxiety and depression so you can never run out of ideas about what to write.

What you will achieve with Ease private Journal- private diary with a lock, gratitude journal, mood tracker:

* Be more happy and mindful of your days.
* Track your moods and identify your triggers
* Manage stress and reduce anxiety
* Track your activities for self improvement
* Build positive thinking through journaling
* Be more grateful and calmer with the free Gratitude journal
* Journal for self improvement, self reflection and self discovery
* Track the achievements you made in life with journal app
* Improve your mental health with the best dairy app
* Reflect back on your past moments of gratitude
* Self care journal for personal growth.
* improve your mood, motivation & mental health

Ease journal- Journal with a lock, free diary, gratitude journal and mood tracker features:

* Customize color themes for your journal app
* Edit and create new customizable moods for mood tracker
* Set daily journaling reminders
* Hundreds of journal prompts for self reflection, self discovery and managing anxiety.
* Mood tracker and journaling statistics
* PIN lock to protect your journals- Set Code-lock for your entries
* Export PDF and TXT to share or print your diary entries
* Back up your journals safely- Never lose your memories
* Quick widget access to your private journal
* Private diary and journal - We do not collect your data
* Customize fonts for your journal
* Beautiful stickers for your private diary
* Write journals with pictures

About this version (1.0.6)

* Minor bug fixes

Other versions

1.0.3 released on 01 February 2022 (366 days ago)

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Ease Journal -Diary &Gratitude
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