Earth 3D Live Wallpaper

Earth 3D Live Wallpaper

A space live wallpaper for those who like astronomy: observe the Earth in 3D

Earth 3D Live Wallpaper
Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper Earth 3D Live Wallpaper

Earth and other planet from space are an amazing beautiful and inspiring sight. Live wallpapers such as Earth 3D Live Wallpaper allow everyone to enjoy this view and make your screen more interesting and interactive.

- Full 3D environment
- Detailed close-up view of Earth from space
- 8 Additional planets
- Zoom-in and zoom-out
- Camera distance settings
- Animation speed settings
- Brightness settings

This Earth 3D Live Wallpaper will give your screen a completely new spin and can turn it into something unique. You no longer need to be an astronaut to see Earth from orbit all you need is this wallpaper to be downloaded to your device.

Get a magnificent view of our planet Earth from space right on your screen! Users can also unlock all other seven planets (Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune) of our solar system and the moon for free.

After downloading this super live wallpaper you will feel as if you are getting a little closer to distant planets and galaxies. Immerse yourself in the depths of a mysterious and at the same time beautiful space and start exploring the world beyond! The 3D effect and realistic model of our planet on your HD screen will surely make this journey unforgettable and exciting.

The HD quality Earth Live Wallpaper might be exactly what you need to relax and get as far away from the routine tasks as the universe allows us. It is also a perfect choice for individuals who enjoy everything related to space and astronomy.

Given the realistic view of all the planets from the space ability to adjust settings to your liking and zoom in and out such wallpaper will also fascinate kids and arouse their interest in our solar system and astronomy in general.

You can either set the wallpaper in the Android settings or click the "Set Wallpaper" option in the app itself.

Earth 3D live wallpaper has been tested on latest Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy series LG G6 and Pixels series Redmi and Honor series Xiaomi and Huawei Oppo and OnePlus phones. Also this super wallpaper has been tested on One UI and Velvet UI MIUI and EMUI Color OS and Oxygen OS. Please contact us if your device is not supported.


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Released: 25 January 2020
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Earth 3D Live Wallpaper
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