Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy!

Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy!

Tune your drums with your phone!

Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy!
Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy! Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy! Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy! Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy! Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy! Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy! Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy! Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy!

Turn your phone into a fast DRUM TUNER!
Get Drumtune PRO today to get rid of guesswork when tuning drums, forever!
With your phone in your pocket, you always have a drum tuner at hand. The app shows the precise lug pitch of your drum so that you can fine-tune it to perfection. Fast & easy!

🥁 Log in to enjoy a 7-day FREE tuner trial.
The tuner feature is the only paid app feature.
All other app features are free.
No worries! The tuner just deactivates after the trial. There's NO automatic subscription and NO hidden costs.
Subscribing/buying to reactivate the tuner feature after your trial is 100% optional!

🔥 MORE than a drum tuner... Cheaper than a pair of drumsticks!
Drumtune PRO is a complete multi-tool! that assists you with exploring the full potential of your drums.

• Ultra-fast, accurate drum tuner
• Basic/Preset/Lug tuner modes
• Widest tuning range out there
• Sustain/Full kit-interval calculator
• Customizable drum tuning presets + cloud backup
• Predefined kits
• Drumhead expansion packs (Remo/Evans/Aquarian)

✔️ Say farewell to guesswork!
Forget about the hassle of guessing lug pitches by ear! The app analyzes pitches to help you with clearing your drum heads.

✔️ Explore & Own your voice!
It's an easy tuner, but there's a learning curve to master drum tuning.
Take your time to experiment and absorb insights. Practice tuning!

Explore & listen to your sound.
Tune as you like until the drum sounds & feels right for your needs.
Tuning to 'notes' is possible, but not obligatory. It's your choice!
You make the tuning decisions... Maximize your sound!
Once mastered, Drumtune PRO empowers you to fine-tune your drums to perfection, consistently!

Made by drummers, for drummers!
Being drummers ourselves, it's our goal to put a useful drum tuning tool in your pocket.
We aim to simplify your drummer-life by making a tuning aid that assists you while experimenting with various tunings and creating different sounds.

✔️ Easy to use BASIC TUNER
• Select which drum type you wish to tune
• Hit your drum in the center to show the fundamental tone
• Hit your drum near a lug to show its lug pitch
• Once the lug pitch shows, press 'Lock target' to kill overtones & fine-tune

✔️ Quickly visualize pitches around a drumhead!
Use lug tuner to keep track of which rods to tune up/down.
Follow lug patterns to clear your drumhead. (Auto-pattern #5>#10 lugs)

✔️ Create tuning presets! Enjoy a consistent drum sound, always!
Store real-life pitches of any good sound in customized tuning presets.
Load the preset any time to retrieve your sound!

• Display musical notes/pitches in 0.5Hz steps
• Responsive tune-up/down guide
• Use 'center/edge' mode & 'lug focus' to kill overtones

✔️ Calculate FULL KIT intervals!
Organize your tuning presets in kits.
Tweak the tonal spacing between all drums in a kit & create a coherent full-kit sound.

Your feedback helps to optimize the app for yourself & all other drummers.
Reach out at support@drumtunepro.com if any doubt/ issue/bug/question/request/suggestion, or for info. We provide support! Thanks! 🙏


📱 Device requirements
• Smartphone on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) up to 11.x, with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels or more.
• Tuner feature is paid and is an OPTIONAL feature. All other features are free.
• Login screen to activate the trial.

Will NOT work on:
• devices with a resolution below 1280x720 pixels.
• Android versions older than Lollipop (5.0), or newer than 11.x.
• in debug mode, on rooted, hooked, or otherwise modified devices.

🎹 Tuning range
• Approx. 30Hz - 1600Hz. (Depending on mic specs & mode.)

Pitches beyond the tuning range show as random readings.
Never over-tighten drumheads.



About this version (2.0 v.2237)

✨ NEW for v.2237 ✨ ✔️ Concert tom tuning presets = select 'no reso installed' 🔧 Crash & Bug Fixes 🔥 FREE APP WITH PAID TUNER FEATURE Log in to enjoy a 7-day FREE trial. Tuner deactivates after 7 days. After your free trial, opt to subscribe/purchase to reactivate the tuner, or keep using all other features for FREE. 🎆 SWITCH FROM PREDECESSOR APP v.113 (2017) Redeem your GPA code of v.113 via "EVEN MORE>SETTINGS>UPGRADE FROM v.113" to get lifetime access for +/- 1,5 US$.

Other versions

2.0 v.2233 released on 31 March 2021 (85 days ago)
2.0 v.2224 released on 04 March 2021 (112 days ago)
2.0 v.2215 released on 16 February 2021 (128 days ago)
2.0 v.2193 released on 22 October 2020 (245 days ago)
2.0 v.2183 released on 24 September 2020 (273 days ago)
2.0 v.2173 released on 08 August 2020 (320 days ago)
2.0 v.2171 released on 06 August 2020 (322 days ago)
2.0 v.2170 released on 30 July 2020 (329 days ago)
2.0 v.2161 released on 22 July 2020 (337 days ago)
2.0 v.2154 released on 27 June 2020 (362 days ago)
2.0 v.2128 released on 28 May 2020 (392 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 73 MB
Version: 2.0 v.2237 by Exaltd Co., Ltd. | Drum tuner & tuning calculator
Updated: 17 April 2021 (68 days ago)
Installations: more than 100 000
Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO > Drum tuning made easy!
5 Stars: 1478
4 Stars: 126
3 Stars: 68
2 Stars: 58
1 Star: 272

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