Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance

Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance

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Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance
Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance

We need a drink water reminder to control our H2O intake. The daily water tracker helps us to always stay fit and healthy. The convenient water tracker comes in the form of a mobile app. No matter how busy we are, we will stay hydrated 24/7 and will be able to enjoy life to the max.

Water Tracker - drink water reminder app for everyone

You can download this water intake tracker from Google Play for free on your Android smartphone. The water calculator is lightweight and will occupy minimum space in your device's memory. Its design is sleek and stylish, and its interface is simple and intuitive. It will take you just a few minutes to figure out how this drink tracker functions and you will get used to it in no time.
This drink reminder app will calculate your recommended H2O intake based on the following factors:

• Gender (male or female);
• Weather;
• Height;
• Weight;
• How active you are.

It will send you notifications to make sure you drink enough water. This will help you to stay proactive and achieve any goals that you set for yourself: for example, lose weight or deliver better results in sports.

Main Functions of Water Tracker

This daily water tracker reminder includes the following functions:

1. Calculate how much liquid you consume daily and compile a drink report.
2. Keep your hydration history so that you can check how much liquid you consumed per week, month, or year.
3. Set your hydration goals and help you achieve them (for instance, drink at least 2 liters daily).
4. Adjust itself to the weather. When it's hot, your body needs more water.
5. Fine-tune its schedule according to your daily routine. You can set your wake-up time and bed time so that the app won't disturb you when you are asleep.
Your therapist, nutritionist, and fitness trainer might need access to your water intake record. This information might come in handy when composing your personalized nutrition plan or fitness plan, as well as diagnosing diseases and recommending courses of treatment.

The Benefits of Using

From their early childhood, kids need to get used to a healthy water intake. This habit will considerably improve their life quality and contribute to their life expectancy.
Drinking sufficient amounts of water is an indispensable condition of our physical and mental wellbeing. Those people who keep themselves well-hydrated enjoy the following benefits:

• Are more productive and efficient at work;
• Helps to stay in an optimistic mood, are less prone to stress and negative emotions;
• Sleep well and manage to have a good rest at night;
• Perform physical exercises much better than those who suffer from dehydration;
• Look younger, have a fresher complexion;
• Have stronger nails and hair.

Sufficient water intake helps our body get rid of toxins. It prevents hypertension, urolithiasis, gastritis, and ulcers. It significantly improves our metabolism, helps us control our appetite and eventually lose weight. Water delivers nutrients to our organ cells, transfers oxygen from our lungs to our body tissues in exchange for carbon dioxide.
When you suffer from headaches or arthralgia, a glass of water might relieve your pain better than any medicine. Thanks to cheap and accessible water, we can prevent numerous health problems and save ourselves from taking synthetically produced pharmaceutical preparations.
This hydration reminder is recommended for all ages. The H2O tracker has no contraindications or side effects. Feel free to use this drink water reminder to lose weight and stay healthy!


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Water tracker - drink water reminder & H2O Balance
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