Teach you to remember dreams even if you are sure that you never see them.

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Dreaming is one of the most poorly understood processes taking place in the human brain. If we take into account the average life expectancy of a person in 70 years, then he will spend 23 years in a dream and dream for 8 whole years in the dream world.

Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers them. And why? The answer is simple "They do not want".

Any progress follows the following formula:
"Desire - Attention - Action - Gain".

If you read this description, then you have the "desire to remember the dreams", but without the second and third - this is an empty idea, which will lead to nothing.

So we need to draw attention to the desire and start doing something.

This is a matter of technology.

Start recording your dreams. How and where it does not matter. You can in notepad, notebook, any application for storing notes. Put a date and write everything that you remember.

The "Dreamcatcher" application was created just for this purpose. Its advantages are that your dreams never leave your device and are deleted together with the application. So you can write everything.

Do not remember the dream, enter the images, scraps of action. Do not remember anything ... write the magic phrase "I did not want to remember." It will attract additional attention, which, apparently, is not enough.

In a few days you will see how the figure in the list line, which displays the number of characters of the text, will grow and the further the faster.

When recording dreams will take up too much of your time, you can consider the goal achieved. The application can be removed and not think about the fact that someone accidentally stumbles on your notes in a notebook, a notebook in a cloud service.

Vote, write reviews, constructive criticism and suggestions.

I wish everyone success!

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