Drank - Student Drinking Game

Drank - Student Drinking Game

Drank is the drinking game with over 900 cards each with a unique outcome!

Drank - Student Drinking Game
Drank - Student Drinking Game Drank - Student Drinking Game Drank - Student Drinking Game Drank - Student Drinking Game

Drank is the adult drinking game to spice up any house party! Drank has over 900 cards, with 9 different categories, each adding a unique twist to your game.

The General category is a must have, bringing the all time favorites of any drinking game into play.

The Hot and Heavy category is for your inner wild side. With adult themes in mind, this is great way to learn more about your long time friends, or strangers.

Countries of the World brings something new to the table with general knowledge from across the globe.

Afrikaans and South African each pay tribute to South Africa, incorporating tradition, braais and an old brandy and coke.

Charades is for you inner actor. Try and convince your friends what your a police officer, all while they stare in awe at the mess that is unfolding in front of them.

Dungeons and Dragons is for the aspiring Dungeon Master, or even the willing player. Give your campaign an interesting twist with each of these unique cards.

Finally, the game is yours and thus you have the choice of adding your own cards. Take the drinking game in any direction you want.

So what are you waiting for? Download Drank now and turn any house party or social gathering into one to remember, or not... ;)

New cards are added to Drank almost daily, and with out intuitive system, you don't even have to update. Your cards will always be up to date to get you in on the latest drinking game action.


About this version (1.3.6)

This is one big update. Wow. We've added new ways to add and share your own packs, as well as adding other user's packs We also added some nice features for you to go and find :) Made preparations for some massive features in the future as well. Fixed a few bugs as well

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1.3.4 released on 12 February 2021 (173 days ago)
1.2.20 released on 29 November 2020 (248 days ago)
1.2.18 released on 22 November 2020 (255 days ago)
1.2.16 released on 16 November 2020 (261 days ago)
1.2.14 released on 04 November 2020 (273 days ago)
1.2.13 released on 27 October 2020 (281 days ago)

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Drank - Student Drinking Game
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