Lord of Thrones

Lord of Thrones

Lord of Thrones
Lord of Thrones Lord of Thrones Lord of Thrones Lord of Thrones Lord of Thrones Lord of Thrones Lord of Thrones Lord of Thrones Lord of Thrones Lord of Thrones

Lord of Thrones is an epic real time strategy challenge! Become a great lord of the Falco Empire, clash with dragons on the battlefield with your allies, and retake the throne!

Under the mysterious light of the Bloodmoon, the demons now descend upon the magic world of Ashan once again. War and death run rampant, and the people call for a savior...

Will you be the one, my lord?


★ Fair game, fair challenges
We believe in fair play, so no VIP, no pop-up ads, no cooldown, no selling resources and troops, and no speed-ups! Strategies, tactics, and allies are what matters in this game, not pay to win!

★ Epic real time sandbox terrain
Setup your castle free on a sandbox world with over 1 million terrain grids. Master the unique territory strategy system! Take land, gain resource, and clash your troops with other lords! All in real time! What will be your strategy? Tarpit your enemies in sieges against your castles forts with magic shields, so that your allies could pop-up and provide assist? Teleport your castle to random neutral terrain, so you could buff your strength and fight another day? Each tactical move shall decide your legend!

★ Alliance and allies
Join an alliance and go for the throne with your allies! Assist each other in the epic sieges of the border forts, and grab terrains with abundant resources ! Move your troops across hundreds of castles and forts in real time with tactical maneuvers! Prepare yourself, for it could be a battlefield anywhere and anytime!

★ Fight and challenge the lords of legend
Are you up for the challenge to clash with the mysterious legend lords? Explore your options of strategy, magic, and tactical move, outwit them -- and win Dragon Crystals, resources, plus bonus buffs!

★ Explore the mysterious world of Ashan
Cast magic to remove the miasma engulfing Ashan, and reveal random events and legends! Your explorations shall lead to goblin hordes, mysterious ruins, pop-up challenges -- and even the dragons that had taken the throne! Anything could be there, buffs, bonuses, enemies, allies...

If you have any questions, issues, or feedback, feel free to poke us in-game or through the following methods:

E-mail: service@acingfun.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lordofthronesonline
Discord: https://discord.gg/Wbw27Xa6Az
WhatsApp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FiDewiDfa8bDDmU3igHzYq


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Released: 12 December 2020
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Lord of Thrones
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