DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs

DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs

DottedSign simplifies your signing workflow and captures e-signatures safely.

DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs
DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs

Pioneering in e-signing on mobile devices, DottedSign lets you effortlessly sign documents and get signatures from others in a legal and secure process. Stop wasting time emailing signers, printing copies, and faxing paper. Use DottedSign to complete your work, including NDAs, sales contracts, lease agreements, permission slips, financial agreements, and more. Just import your document, sign or request signatures, and send.Ensure your important business cases do not slip through the cracks.

• Invite signers by adding them straight from your contact list or entering their emails (Google Contact supported)
• Remote signing - Assign fields to signers in a designated order, including signatures, initials, stamps, texts, and dates
• Color-coded fields to navigate your signers where to fill in

• Create signatures with free-hand drawing
• Make stamps by using your camera or photos
• Pre-fill your personal information and drag and drop it to the document
• Add signatures, initials, texts, and dates to documents
• Adjust the font size and text alignment to your liking
• Remove backgrounds for signature stamps

• Visual progress bar - Monitor signature tasks by intuitively checking all signers’ status
• Timeline of Personal Activities - Display and record activities of all your personal tasks
• Void signature requests - Cancel signature tasks with one tap
• Search tool - Find your documents easily by searching with names of people or documents
• Custom message - Leave messages to all recipients
• Auto reminder & expiry date setting - Automatically send reminders to notify anyone who has not signed documents yet
• Change signer – Replace a signer of a sent document with another one; signer can send change requests to the sender
• Decline signing – Sender can manage signer’s permission to decline the request in case the document requires further amendment

• Get documents from camera, photos, the iOS file app, email attachments and the web
• Import documents from cloud services, including OneDrive, Kdan Cloud, Google Drive and Dropbox
• Share the document via a file link to open the file directly on the web browser

• Digital audit trails - Record every change made to the document for evidence
• Protected signing process - Ensure confidentiality of paperless signing, encrypted by TLS/SSL, AES-256 and RSA-2048.
• Email secure password to identify signer identity
• Digital certificates issued by the AATL authorized CA safeguard signers' identity authentication and signature validation.

What’s offered free in DottedSign? You can…
• Sign unlimited documents by yourself
• Assign up to 3 signers in a signature task
• Create signature tasks and send up to 3 tasks per month

Upgrade to DottedSign Pro to get advanced features:
• Create signature tasks and assign fields to unlimited signers
• Send unlimited tasks to signers
• Lock your app to prevent unauthorized use with passcode
• SMS secure password to identify signer identity
• In-person signing lets your clients sign directly on your iPad face-to-face
• Reusable templates save your time creating tasks
• Request attachments from signers

- Monthly subscription: billed monthly at $9.99/ month
- Annual subscription: billed annually at $59.99/ year ($4.99/ month)

Expand your business flexibility with Admin Console, team permission control and organization branding– all in DottedSign Business. Visit our website and get free trials.

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About this version (1.8.1)

- Pre-set the character limit and specify the input format such as email, numbers, and alphabet. - New feature 'Check and Return': Sender can request the signers go through a checking process and revise the fields if they are wrongly filled. - New feature 'Pre-fill': Pre-fill the fields for the signer before sending out the document. - Optimized experience when uploading encrypted PDF files. Maximum PDF file size expands to 100MB. - Minor bugs fixed.

Other versions

1.7.5 released on 07 April 2022 (604 days ago)
1.7.4 released on 10 March 2022 (632 days ago)
1.7.3 released on 27 January 2022 (674 days ago)
1.7.1 released on 14 January 2022 (687 days ago)
1.7.0 released on 22 December 2021 (710 days ago)
1.6.4 released on 13 September 2021 (810 days ago)
1.6.0 released on 18 June 2021 (897 days ago)
1.5.2 released on 05 May 2021 (941 days ago) released on 22 April 2021 (954 days ago) released on 29 December 2020 (1068 days ago)
1.4.1 released on 29 September 2020 (1159 days ago)
1.4.0 released on 30 June 2020 (1250 days ago)
1.3.2 released on 28 April 2020 (1313 days ago)

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Version: 1.8.1 by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.
Updated: 12 May 2022 (569 days ago)
Released: 28 June 2019
Installations: more than 100 000
DottedSign - eSign & Fill Docs
5 Stars: 738
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