Dofody: Online Doctor Consultation

Dofody: Online Doctor Consultation

The Best Online Doctor Consultation | Making "DOctors FOr everyboDY" a Reality

Dofody: Online Doctor Consultation
Dofody: Online Doctor Consultation Dofody: Online Doctor Consultation Dofody: Online Doctor Consultation Dofody: Online Doctor Consultation Dofody: Online Doctor Consultation

Dofody gives you the power of “Doctor in your Pocket”

Ask your health or medical question on the app
Choose your online doctor based on their specialty location language gender or experience

Decide how you want to connect with the doctor. Chat Video call or Voice call?
Pay the doctor’s consultation fee
Start a secure & private consultation with the doctor through chat voice or video call.
Upload your old prescriptions scan or lab reports & photos of your affected parts (if needed).

More than 70% of health issues can be managed through online chats and calls with doctors.

Dofody works best for getting the second opinion from doctors for any non-emergency medical condition getting advice on your latest blood or lab test report and regularly following up with your favorite doctor.

Get an accurate diagnosis for your health condition from experienced specialist online doctors in Kerala.

"Is the surgery recommended by your doctor really needed?"

Get answers from doctors who will analyze your health condition thoroughly before giving their opinion.

Chat with a doctor at just INR 199 Voice call with your doctor starts at just 299 INR and High-Quality Video Call with your online doctor starts at INR 399 with 3 Days validity for each type of consultation.

Use your imagination and make the most out of each doctor consultation on Dofody! If your doctor has advised a lab test you still have time to do the test upload the report in the app and then ask the same doctor his opinion on the report before the 3 days validity period expires!

Who can use Dofody?

Pregnancy issues diet in pregnancy menstruation and periods problems like irregular periods late periods excessive bleeding & other health issues faced by women.
Sexual health & Infertility problems
Pediatrician - Baby health low birth weight vaccination fever in babies Child health parenting tips developmental delays children’s diet & feeding
Skin specialist or Dermatologist - rashes black spots dandruff dry skin acne hair loss scalp problems itching
General medicine - cough cold fever diarrhea vomiting sore throat infections digestion problems migraine & other general health problems
Psychiatrist - Depression anxiety suicidal tendency lack of sleep tension family and relationship problems other mental problems stress & more
Overweight obesity fatty liver liver disease healthy diet stomach problems & digestion issues dealt by Gastroenterologist
Lose weight gain weight obesity weight management personalized diets weight management after pregnancy nutrition care
Headache backache numbness memory loss sleep problems & more neurological problems are seen by Neurologist
Aches & Pains all over body joints and bone problems by Orthopaedician
Other specialties include Cardiology Palliative medicine Physical medicine & rehabilitation Surgery ENT Ophthalmology etc

"Short Message Service" Enables you to connect with your doctor for Voice and Video type of consultation. This will help you to communicate directly with your doctor for any questions that you have within 3 Days validity period.

Unlimited medical records can be uploaded so that none of your reports or X-rays are lost. They are stored securely accessible only to you.

Dofody is not to be used in emergency situations. Still our doctors are available at night time too. You can find each doctor’s available time schedule in their profile

Health tips videos and blog articles created by doctors can be viewed within Dofody app.

No more booking appointments with doctors & clinics then travel & wait another 45 minutes before talking to the doctor! Dofody makes seeing and talking to a doctor a thing of ease!

You can talk privately & securely with a doctor sitting in the comforts of your home or office.

Download Now & Shop Doctors who speak Malayalam English Hindi & other regional Indian languages.

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* Fixed bugs related to app performance

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2.0.0 released on 31 October 2020 (125 days ago)

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