DoD Safe Helpline

DoD Safe Helpline

Access tools for short- and long-term effects of sexual assault in the military.

DoD Safe Helpline
DoD Safe Helpline DoD Safe Helpline DoD Safe Helpline DoD Safe Helpline DoD Safe Helpline DoD Safe Helpline DoD Safe Helpline

The DoD Safe Helpline app gives members of the military community access to resources and tools to help manage the short- and long-term effects of sexual assault. The app helps you create a plan that is right for you, provides exercises that aid in reducing stress, and tools to help you transition to civilian life. You can even store your customized plans and exercises to supplement ongoing therapy. The app provides support in a number of ways:

Self-care and ongoing support- Users can supplement on-going therapy by identifying trends and quickly accessing self-care exercises to help with a difficult moment. Users can also directly access the Safe HelpRoom to securely chat with other survivors.

Information and Resources - Users can access information within the app to learn more about sexual assault, such as what to do if someone they know has been assaulted, the effects of sexual assault, and how to reduce their risks. In addition, users can access the full Safe Helpline database of military and civilian resources.

Crisis Support - Users can immediately access Safe Helpline’s Telephone and Online Helplines for crisis intervention support and information to help them decide their next steps.

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- Bug fix for self-care plan questions' sliders - Text/Input fields dark mode styling

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3.3.38 released on 08 May 2020 (571 days ago)

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