Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT

Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT

Documents app helps you open office and word document fast

Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT
Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT

Throw away the worry of finding your files and download documents right away. word document is one of the greatest open office that helps you open and read word doc extremely conveniently. You can read documents and all types of word document free right on your cell phone without using a computer. open-office also helps you to sort files by the same format for easier searching without requiring any Internet connection. document is completely free, easy to use, and word office supports a variety of file types word office such as: Doc, PDF, PPT, Word, Excel and so on.

Documents, word office understand the amount of work that you need to solve is large and you can not always carry a laptop with you everywhere. There are many times when you are on the way, a partner or colleague send a document that needed to be solved. At this time, you need a word document. Because we can’t always bring our laptops with us. Therefore, using the word doc is extremely necessary, document users can now read open-office on one app conveniently.

★ Supported formats at document :
- PDF files, documents
- Word Document : DOC, DOCX, DOCS
- Excel Document : XLS, XLSX
- Slideshow Document : PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX

Outstanding features of word document:

- Manage and organize your word doc files by folder in the open-office app
- Sync all documents in the open office to help you easily view and search
- word document free: Easily read a variety of files without any extra operations

- Open, view PDF files from the file manager or directly from other apps
- Easily scroll, search, zoom in, zoom out with documents
- Share files through other applications you want

- word document helps open document files as well as word doc
- open-office display content in the best quality

- word document free: Easily preview PowerPoint at any time right on your phone.
- You can conveniently start your presentation by tapping on the phone screen.
- Effective document

Using the documents will help you read, organize, and store documents files conveniently, serving your work and study purposes much more effectively. The file arrangement of word document will help you work scientifically and save a lot of time. word doc is a convenient open office application, especially for office workers who need open-office to handle a lot of documents. Download document now to your phone to read and store documents completely FREE!


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Documents: PDF,Word,Excel,PPT
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