DJ it! - Music Mixer

DJ it! - Music Mixer

Mix music & create tracks! Remix songs using pro sound effects

DJ it! - Music Mixer
DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer DJ it! - Music Mixer

Welcome to an unparalleled mobile DJ music mixer experience. Time to get your headphones on and discover a master DJ mix experience and classes that let you learn to mix like a Pro!

DJ it! packs a full DJ kit into your mobile phone. And that's without sacrificing a single music mixer feature. Imagine it! Your fingertips can make songs and remix tracks just like a pro except instead of a vast kit you just need one little smartphone!

Think you'll be compromising on track quality? Think again! Our mobile DJ mixer tool lets you use tools precisely like a house DJ to remix songs and hit those top-class beats. What's more? It even shows you precisely how to do it to get the best music mixer results โ€“ like a Pro!

With this personalized DJ mixer experience your tracks will sound just as good as the best veteran DJs around. You know the ones! So slide your finger to download and take advantage of these awesome DJ mix features

Learn to mix.
You got the tools. We got the experience. And together we'll be unstoppable. DJ it! helps you learn to make songs by remixing tracks and giving practical tips to remix them to perfection. With our app you can get lessons no matter your ability and learn those essential DJ mix skills.

Start your DJ journey on the right foot. Take a quick quiz and our smart system will analyze your DJ skill level! But that's just to start! Keep studying to become a master mixer and level up as you pass more music mixer quizzes and get high scores on every test.

Baffled by Faders Pitch Sliders and Filters? What about Channels and Turntables too? See those Decks and those Mixers? What do they do? Dive deep into our glossary and discover what these DJ terms mean so that when you hit the decks you sound just like a real pro.

DJ mixer tips.
It can be tough starting something new. But luckily we're here to help. From master looping to learning hot new cues and the ins-and-outs of mashups we're here to help you learn all you need to know about remixing songs and making fresh tracks.

Interesting tutorials.
Learn every single aspect of DJing from A to Z. If that set-up seems like a foreign language get ready for a lesson in DJ mixing that will turn your world upside down. Promise you'll be mixing tracking and making songs like a pro in no time!

Practice till perfection.
DJ it! lets you set your creativity free with an unrivalled mobile mixing set that gives you the potential to create and make songs right at your fingertips. Practice those beats remix those tunes and become the DJ you always knew you could be. Start from scratch mash edit loop fade and more until you get the right sound! You can do it DJ!

With DJ it! your set-up includes

Automatic BPM detection

Tap to adjust BPM merely tap the track to sync!

All the PRO-FX you need including Delay Reverb Flanger Gate High/Low-Pass Phaser Bit Crusher Roll Reverse.

Loops from 1/16 to 64

Up to 4 Hot Cues per deck!

Automated audio FX sync on the BPM.

Three-band EQ.

HD recording with automatic saving and uploading to your library so you'll never lose a mix.

Support for all major audio formats including MP3 AAC WAV AIFF

Are you ready to hit the decks in DJ it!? This is your new one-stop-shop to remix songs and make fresh beats to dance to ALL NIGHT LONG!

So grab your phone download DJ it! and learn how to mix a masterpiece! We believe in you.

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DJ it! - Music Mixer
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