DiveThru: Mental Health App

DiveThru: Mental Health App

Created By Licensed Therapists

DiveThru: Mental Health App
DiveThru: Mental Health App DiveThru: Mental Health App DiveThru: Mental Health App DiveThru: Mental Health App DiveThru: Mental Health App DiveThru: Mental Health App DiveThru: Mental Health App DiveThru: Mental Health App

Do you want to improve your mental health but don’t know where to start? DiveThru helps you take charge of your mental health using feeling tracking, interactive courses, and tangible tools so you can feel confident that you have what you need to lead a mentally healthier and more fulfilling life.


The DiveThru app is filled with hundreds of tools created by licenced therapists that are designed to help you lead a mentally healthier and more fulfilling life. These resources include:

- Daily Feeling Tracker
- Mental Health Courses
- Guided Journaling Exercises
- Mindfulness Exercises
- Informative Articles

These tools created by licenced mental health professionals can help you:

- Calm your pandemic-related stress and anxiety
- Boost your self-esteem
- Work through your fears and anxieties
- Heal your relationship with food
- Alleviate work-related conflict and stress
- Bounce back after a breakup or navigate relationship challenges
- Practice self-care + self-love
- Care for your student-related burnout and stress
- And so much more!


Our simple to use Feeling Tracker enables you to:

- Track how you’re feeling on a daily basis
- Gain insight on triggers and associations with certain feelings
- Understand patterns in your emotional activity
- Direct you to tools to turn to within the app to work through your specific mood


Our easy to follow Mental Health Courses will:

- Teach you the fundamentals of mental health
- Walk you through tangible learnings from leading mental health professionals that help you work through stress, anxiety, fear, burnout and more
- Equip you with knowledge and coping tools to navigate a variety of mental health challenges


Connect with yourself each day through our Guided Journaling Exercises that help you:

- Practice self-care by clarifying your thoughts and feelings
- Better understand and manage your emotions
- Navigate life with more self-awareness and emotional intelligence


Our interactive Mindfulness Exercises will help you:

- Calm your mind through relaxing breathing exercises
- Deploy mindful visualization strategies to help you navigate stress and anxiety
- Boost your self-esteem and energy with easy to follow audio exercises


Our easy to read Informative Articles help you:

- Learn about common mental health concerns
- Gain new coping strategies to help you manage how you feel
- Gather insights that will empower you on your mental health journey

Download the DiveThru app today if you’re looking to take charge of your mental health and led a mentally healthier and more fulfilling life!


While 90% of the resources within the app will always be free, DiveThru offers two auto-renewing subscription options:

$16 USD per month
$60 USD per year

These prices are for US customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency.

Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled via your iTunes Account Setting. You must cancel at least 24 hours before it auto-renews.

Read our terms + conditions here: https://divethru.com/terms-and-conditions/

Read our privacy policy here: https://divethru.com/privacy-policy/

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Struggling with stress? Wanting to alleviate your anxiety? Need more mindfulness in your day? You’ll want to update your app! Update now to get all of our most recent courses, journaling bundles and mindfulness exercises!

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