DiveThru: Mental Health Support

DiveThru: Mental Health Support

helping you divethru what you go thru

DiveThru: Mental Health Support
DiveThru: Mental Health Support DiveThru: Mental Health Support DiveThru: Mental Health Support DiveThru: Mental Health Support DiveThru: Mental Health Support DiveThru: Mental Health Support

You’re stressed. We’re stressed. Everyone’s stressed. And anxious. And lonely. And overwhelmed. And insecure. The DiveThru app can help you DiveThru whatever you’re going thru.

DiveThru is a psychoeducation app that helps you take charge of your emotions through our Daily Feeling Tracker, 150+ mindful journaling exercises, and 200+ articles vetted by therapists.

- Track your feelings.
- Receive personalized content based on how you’re currently feeling.
- Set daily reminders to check in with your mental wellness.
- View your progress on our My Journey page.
Coming soon:
- Community Hub to help you relate to others and build a community.
- DiveThru podcasts and videos.
- Psychoeducation courses taught by our in-house therapists and mental health specialists.

Built alongside our team of in-house psychologists, our Feeling Tracker enables you to track your feelings and take charge of understanding the root of your emotions.
- Track how you’re feeling on a daily basis.
- Understand patterns in your emotional activity through the My Journey section.
- Carve out space in your day for thoughtful reflection.

We believe that everybody is an expert on themselves – and journaling helps to connect with that part of ourselves. According to our thousands of active users, journaling has been key to understanding their emotions and taking charge of their feelings.
- Dive into over 150 tailored journaling prompts meant to encourage you to reflect on how you are feeling that day.
- Shift your awareness away from the external world and make space to reflect on your inner world.
- Don’t have time to journal? Explore our Quick Dives for the busy individual, covering a wide range of topics.

Explore hundreds of articles vetted by our in-house mental health experts on topics ranging from work stress and relationship issues to exploring fears and connecting with your goals.
- Engage with personalized content daily, curated based on how you’re feeling that day.
- Favorite and save the content you love in order to explore it later.
- Dive deep to explore topics of greater depth and complexity.

Our resources addresses everyday stressors to specific ‘I can’t believe this happened to me’ moments, our mental health resources cover topics that include:

● Self-esteem
● Emotional wellbeing
● Pursuing your goals
● Relationship with food
● Fears and anxieties
● Career-related experiences
● Relationship challenges
● Family matters and parenthood
● Your sense of self
● Life as a student… and so much more!

- Build self-awareness touch points into your day by scheduling reminders to check in with yourself daily and make your well-being a priority.

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