Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard

Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard

Express Your Naughtiest Feelings To Your Partner With Dirty Emojis!

Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard
Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard

Welcome to Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard App – the largest, hottest & sexiest collection of adult themed dirty emojis in the world.

Don't you hate it when you're in the mood to share your naughty feelings but you don't have an emoji to convey the way you feel? Well, worry no more because Adult Emojis have created a new dirty line of emojis called Dirty Emojis & Dirty Stickers to serve your sexting needs.

Emojis have become ingrained in daily texting conversation. Before emojis were invented, texters were forced to use actual words to dirty talk with their partners. With the dirty emoji collection modern day texting made easy. These sensually suggestive emojis will up your dirty texting game.

Dirty Emojis App have the dirtiest and naughtiest collections of dirty emoji, dirty texts, flirty texts, flirty emojis, dirty love couple emojis, sexy emojis, dirty love emojis and dirty emoticons that you can use as love stickers as well.

Dirty Emojis App Features
β€’ 100+ Unique HD dirty emojis for texting
β€’ Completely Ads free experience
β€’ Super-fast loading, user friendly & easy to use
β€’ Turn ON/OFF Dark Mode
β€’ Share emojis directly from the emoji keyboard to your chat/messaging apps
β€’ Favourite gallery for your most liked and recently used love emoji for easy access
β€’ Add dirty emoji stickers to Whatsapp
β€’ Great customer support is just an email away

User can now add dirty emoji stickers for whatsapp. Due to growing size, dirty emoji sticker pack will be split into multiple dirty sticker packs while adding stickers to whatsapp.

Dirty Emoji Keyboard Features
β€’ Easy to send emojis and stickers to top social messaging apps
β€’ Day/Night themes for the emoji keyboard
β€’ Swipe to type messages single-handedly on Emoji Keyboard and type faster
β€’ Emoji Keyboard with gesture typing, smooth swipe to type functionality
β€’ Smart auto-correction & auto complete word prediction helps you remove typos
β€’ Intelligent predictive text / accurate next word prediction
β€’ Multilingual keyboard with 30+ languages

Dirty Emoji Keyboard is a powerful keyboard for Android which makes typing emoji with more fun, accurate and fast!

Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard will NEVER collect any personal information without your explicit permission.

User can use dirty stickers for whatsapp and on many other social platforms like facebook, telegram, instagram and snapchat.

Don’t be shy to communicate your sexual needs with your partner. Use these suggestive dirty emojis & naughty stickers in your daily texting with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife and significant partner and make fun with it.

Be Dirty! Be Flirty! Talk Dirty! Happy Texting!

About this version (2.1.2)

πŸ›‘ Android 12 Support πŸ˜€ Emoji Keyboard Update ⌨️ πŸ“ˆ Performance Improvement πŸ’¬ Add Dirty Emoji Stickers To WhatsApp 😍 πŸŒ™ Day/Night Theme Selection

Other versions

2.1.1 released on 08 April 2021 (1056 days ago)
1.0.1 released on 10 February 2020 (1479 days ago)

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Released: 10 February 2020
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Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard
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