Digimarc Verify

Digimarc Verify

Digimarc Verify is a business app for validating Digimarc Barcode on packaging

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Digimarc Verify
Digimarc Verify Digimarc Verify Digimarc Verify Digimarc Verify

Digimarc Verify Mobile is a business app within Digimarc's Quality Management System that helps ensure your success. Verify Mobile enables brand owners implementing the Digimarc Platform -- and their premedia and print suppliers that produce consumer packaging -- to quickly ensure the accuracy of data on packaging and thermal labels. Verify Mobile helps swiftly validate that the GTIN information in the imperceptible Digimarc Barcode correctly matches data in the traditional UPC/EAN barcode.

How to Use:

- Hold mobile device 4 – 7” from an area of the package print proof or thermal label enhanced with Digimarc Barcode
- The app will instruct you to now scan the traditional 1D barcode of the package or thermal label
- The app will compare the Digimarc Barcode to the traditional 1D barcode and display the result as well as other details about the package
- Once a successful match is obtained, the app can engage the Signal Sight feature to scan other areas of the package or thermal label for additional data validation. Signal Sight will light up areas enhanced with Digimarc Barcode. Green animation will display for all enhanced areas of a package or thermal label with matching data

What is a Digimarc Barcode?

A Digimarc Barcode is simply a Digimarc ID (or imperceptible digital watermark) encoded throughout a product package or thermal label that also includes the product’s Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) data, commonly carried in a product’s UPC/EAN symbol. This allows for faster check-out without having to hunt for the barcode. Plus, product packaging carrying Digimarc Barcodes can connect mobile-enabled shoppers to additional product information, special offers, reviews, social networks, and more.

EULA https://www.digimarc.com/about/company/legal/digimarc-mobile-verify-eula-android

About this version (3.1)

- We’ve added a new Inspect feature for getting details about a single scanned code, without having to cross-check it with a second symbol.

Other versions

3.0.1 released on 15 March 2021 (740 days ago)
3.0 released on 25 August 2020 (942 days ago)
2.5.5 released on 27 August 2019 (1306 days ago)

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Updated: 07 December 2021 (473 days ago)
Released: 23 October 2015
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Digimarc Verify
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