Diesel Challenge 2K21

Diesel Challenge 2K21


Diesel Challenge 2K21
Diesel Challenge 2K21 Diesel Challenge 2K21 Diesel Challenge 2K21 Diesel Challenge 2K21 Diesel Challenge 2K21 Diesel Challenge 2K21 Diesel Challenge 2K21 Diesel Challenge 2K21 Diesel Challenge 2K21

Hello! Get ready guys a thrilling tractor pull racing competition is coming to give you nonstop fun. In this extreme diesel truck pull race you have powerful machines to drive. But this tractor pulling games is not as simple as you are thinking. A heavy weight trailer is attacked with your tractor trolly racing machine. This is the competition of interesting diesel truck drag racing. Use your diesel power and pull the heavy tractor trailer and try hard to be the champion of this amazing truck pulling simulator. This is not an easy truck transport racing games, show the strength of your vehicle and enjoy an amazing racing challenge. Show your best driving skills and let’s be the winner.

A new release to the diesel sled pulling and diesel drag racing game that you have been waiting for. You are going to drive a powerful diesel truck and enjoy the extreme tractor pull racing on tricky tracks. Let’s use the force of your heavy duty engine and try hard to win the race by pulling the attached tractor trailer. Let’s feel the power and enjoy the best truck games.

In this fun tractor pulling games you are going to enjoy very thrilling challenging levels. The difficult tracks, tricky turns and twists put you on a test of expert tractor trolly driving. You have to be very careful to win the truck transport racing competition. The extreme tractor pull race environment gives you non stop entertainment. So tighten up the seat belts and have the most amazing experience of the diesel truck games.

This best tractor trolly pull games gives you full opportunity to win the extreme drag race by amazing customization. You can choose your best tractor trailer pull racing machine from tons of options of trucks. Upgrade your tractor truck transport with stunning customization options. Featuring custom truck modifications like wheels, and mufflers. Modifying your diesel truck is effortless and the possibilities are endless.

Now it’s time to see your tractor trolley truck's performance gains by becoming a part of this thrilling tractor pull race, so let’s download the drag racing games and have unlimited fun. The amazing truck pulling drag race competition is going to be held just to show your craze of diesel truck pulling games. Pull your weight with great driving skills and beat your opponents. Show your passion of extreme speed and be the number one racer.

We are also offering it’s very own online community for gamer's to share stats as well as posting to Facebook and Twitter. So don’t think too much just download the thrilling tractor pulling truck games and start enjoying…

Tractor Pull Games Features:
Various extreme trucks options
Thrilling levels of racing
Upgraded customization of diesel trucks
Modern physic engine
Full HD graphics
Realistic textures
Real truck engine sounds
Realistic gaming experience
Simple and easy controls


About this version (2.29)

Other versions

2.27 released on 24 May 2021 (70 days ago)
2.26 released on 16 February 2021 (167 days ago)
1.13 released on 26 January 2021 (188 days ago)
1.11 released on 22 October 2020 (284 days ago)
1.10 released on 22 May 2020 (437 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 78 MB
Version: 2.29 by Game Wacky
Updated: 06 July 2021 (27 days ago)
Released: 02 March 2020
Installations: more than 100 000
Diesel Challenge 2K21
5 Stars: 1351
4 Stars: 357
3 Stars: 278
2 Stars: 69
1 Star: 377

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