Dhyana - Meditation Tracker

Dhyana - Meditation Tracker

Dhyana is the only app that measures your meditation

Dhyana - Meditation Tracker
Dhyana - Meditation Tracker Dhyana - Meditation Tracker Dhyana - Meditation Tracker Dhyana - Meditation Tracker Dhyana - Meditation Tracker

Dhyana helps you master meditation with science. Dhyana tracks your Heart Rate Variability and breaks down your meditation session into the core essentials so that you take as little time as possible to achieve mindfulness. Every session is a variation of three core tenants -- Breathing, Relaxation and Focus. Through research, we discovered that it’s the best way to enter and discover the world of meditation.

We didn’t stop there. Dhyana also has the capability to decode how well you’re meditating, as it’s the only app that can track your mindful minutes; i.e., the amount of time you’re truly mindful in a meditation session.

Modern research has shown that it only takes a few short minutes of mindfulness a day to physically experience the benefits of mindfulness. Nobel Prize-winning research has proven the link between mindfulness and Telomere activity. Achieving mindful minutes a day helps delay ageing, strengthens the heart and improves our metabolism.

The million-dollar question was, while most of us sit in meditation, how do we know if it’s working? Are we being truly mindful? How do we measure this state and its duration? Until now, we had to contend with these questions remaining unanswered, it simply wasn’t possible to measure focus, to measure mindfulness.

That’s what Dhyana is here to do.

Dhyana tracks mindfulness through measuring minuscule variations in your heart rate and breathing. It records, monitors and analyses your heart rate variability and translates this information into three mindfulness metrics. Breathing analysis tells us how deep and focused your breaths are. Relaxation is a live wave that visualizes the state of our mind. The calmer the mind the more tranquil the wave. Focus is an intelligent guide who understands your emotional state and trains you to concentrate better.

So, no matter whether you’re here to discover meditation or to be able to make it a habit or simply to find some zen, dhyana has you covered.

App Features:

Tracks your HRV with Camera Sensor
Ability to pair seamlessly with dhyana ring (www.smartdhyana.com)
Guided meditation sessions customized as per mood and objective
Real-time, stress visualization to help control focus
Detailed report after every session on how well you performed
Daily goal tracker for 21 mindful minutes and overall progress monitor
Smart reminders and daily motivation
Integrates with the Apple Health App

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Dhyana, the smart way to meditate.


About this version (3.6.1)

- Meditate for hours in silence, with a new dedicated button to start a silent meditation in dhyana - Want the music to reflect what you feel? With ambient track selection, your favourite meditation app now lets you customise down to the very last detail - With this update, we fixed those minor bugs that annoy you, let us know if there are any more.

Other versions

3.5.6 released on 14 September 2021 (32 days ago)
3.5.5 released on 23 August 2021 (54 days ago)
3.5.4 released on 23 July 2021 (85 days ago)
3.4.9 released on 30 June 2021 (108 days ago)
3.4.7 released on 22 June 2021 (116 days ago)
3.4.5 released on 05 May 2021 (164 days ago)
3.3.7 released on 06 April 2021 (193 days ago)
3.3.5 released on 15 March 2021 (215 days ago)
3.3.4 released on 26 February 2021 (232 days ago)
3.3.0 released on 17 February 2021 (241 days ago)
3.2.9 released on 12 February 2021 (246 days ago)
3.2.4 released on 02 February 2021 (256 days ago)
3.2.1 released on 11 January 2021 (278 days ago)
3.2.0 released on 31 December 2020 (289 days ago)
3.1.8 released on 10 December 2020 (310 days ago)
3.1.7 released on 08 December 2020 (312 days ago)
3.1.4 released on 26 November 2020 (324 days ago)
3.1.1 released on 20 November 2020 (330 days ago)
3.0.14 released on 12 November 2020 (338 days ago)
3.0.13 released on 06 November 2020 (344 days ago)
3.0.10 released on 22 October 2020 (359 days ago)
3.0.7 released on 09 October 2020 (372 days ago)
3.0.4 released on 06 October 2020 (375 days ago)
3.0.3 released on 30 September 2020 (381 days ago)
3.0 released on 19 September 2020 (392 days ago)
2.5.4 released on 12 August 2020 (430 days ago)
2.5.3 released on 04 August 2020 (438 days ago)
2.5.2 released on 29 July 2020 (444 days ago)
2.5.1 released on 21 July 2020 (452 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 115 MB
Version: 3.6.1 by Avantari Apps
Updated: 30 September 2021 (16 days ago)
Released: 12 July 2019
Installations: more than 100 000
Dhyana - Meditation Tracker
5 Stars: 516
4 Stars: 109
3 Stars: 29
2 Stars: 7
1 Star: 65

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