Devotion LGBT

Devotion LGBT

Daily affirmations for the transgender soul informed by the user’s mood.

Devotion LGBT
Devotion LGBT Devotion LGBT Devotion LGBT Devotion LGBT Devotion LGBT

Devotion is a free tool of affirmation from Euphoria (the makers of Solace, Clarity, Bliss, and Windfall), which can intelligently tailor messages based on your gender and your mood.
Devotion has been lovingly crafted to affirm the women and men who happen to be transgender, non-binary individuals, and other gender diverse individuals. While we invite anybody, whether transgender or cisgender, to try the app, it has been purposefully built from the ground up for these communities.
Devotion asks for your pronouns as a way to create more intentional affirmations. You can then switch between four moods (Brave, Content, Anxious, or Lonely) at any time to customize the tone of the messages you receive.
The messages (“devotions”) in Devotion are written on a daily basis, by real people. Devotion was designed by transgender individuals and LGB+ Allies to the community. Devotions are sent out Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). Messages are sent out at the time the writers deem best, so you won’t find a specific rhythm to the notifications or updates.
Like other Euphoria technologies, Devotion is free to use. We have no plans to monetize Devotion, nor are we collecting any personal data from the application. We just wanted to make something that’d make people happy.
If you have questions or concerns about Devotion, please email us at! We’re always happy to chat through ideas, complaints, or anything else.
Devotion exists to affirm the transgender soul. Whether or not you use our technologies, the Euphoria team wants you to know that you are loved, cared for, and you have a bright future in front of you.

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Devotion LGBT
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