Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom

Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom

Magical elimination enhances strength, fight for freedom!

Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom
Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom

"Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom" is a brand new elimination game that adds new tricks like summon monsters and upgrades battles eliminating while fighting at the same time and making the game more interesting. In this game the player plays the role of devil resisting warriors’attack and guarding land. Changing characters brings you a brand new experience and enriches game content. Magical elimination and summon the real dragon come on let’s guard Devil's land and fight for freedom!

Game features
-- Brand new elimination game
-- Mix elimination battle summons and EDU four kinds of tricks
-- The player plays the role of devil to resist warriors’attack
-- Four series of monsters to summon
-- Upgrading monsters is more interesting
-- The penalty mechanism is more exciting

A letter to the devil
Help! We were attacked again by warriors! If you see this help letterplease be sure to go to the evil continent to save those weak mobs! Honestly we never want to invade humansand we just want to live a quiet life! But the abominable warriors always came to make troubles our lord couldn't't stand anymore so he left us! So as long as you come to save us you are our new lord!
Long live the devil!
Oops come on! The warriors came again QAQ

About the Evil Continent
The Evil Continent was originally called Talos but one day our old king suddenly said that he would like to change the world and change himselfso he left home. Then the devil had to help the old king deal with government affairs but Talos has been withdrawing from the stage of history for too long so basically small matters continued to happen. Either the hundred-handed god of East Street went to net bar and forgot to go to work or southern guard dog was crying and refused to be sterilized.
But suddenly one daysomeone in the earth world disclosed that the old king has left home. Then those boring warriors felt that they could take this opportunity to show their strength so they came to do things which was called challenges but in fact was harassment...
In fact at the beginning the devil said that it would be okay to make a defeated scene with them. But warriors were insatiable and the devil had to use magic to make 8000 scenes every day so who could stand it? Then the devil also ran away. The warriors found no one to make the scene with then they simply started to beat poor and helples and lovely Aborigines and that's us...
Therefore the newly appointed devil you must not go! Although we are all small mobs who can only farm we will do our best to help you defeat warriors! As long as the old king comes back we can let you go... Oh no you can enjoy your life in Talos! The day when God of Sleep sings a little song for you and the God of Death dances for you is just around the corner! Our lord come on!


About this version (1.9.0)

-- We redo the dungeon system, players can negotiate with the brave -- Added a market system, now you can open the store to get revenue --The game will be cleared by ore for the opening of the market. --The dungeon will drop monster fragments to upgrade powerful special monsters. -- Receive feedback from players, we have significantly reduced the emergence of in-game mandatory ads

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 47 MB
Version: 1.9.0 by centuryhkst
Updated: 29 November 2019 (689 days ago)
Released: 26 July 2019
Installations: more than 10 000
Devil vs Warrior - Fight for Freedom
5 Stars: 438
4 Stars: 98
3 Stars: 68
2 Stars: 37
1 Star: 113

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