Device Info (Device ID)

Device Info (Device ID)

App that will help you to get device info like Device ID GSF ID ads ID etc.

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Device Info (Device ID)
Device Info (Device ID) Device Info (Device ID) Device Info (Device ID) Device Info (Device ID) Device Info (Device ID) Device Info (Device ID)

Simple Android application that will help you to get Android device info like Android Device ID, IMEI, Phone Number, Google Service Framework ID (GSF ID), Advertising ID (ads ID), Local IP Address, Hardware Serial, Display Info, SoC Info, etc., which you can copy or share for further using.

App doesn't require Internet. It doesn't send any information to the Internet. All info is processed on your device and is used only for displaying it to you. All your information stays in your device. We do not collect anything.

Totally safe, free and adfree.

Supported Android device info:
- Android Device ID
- Google Service Framework (GSF ID)
- Advertising ID (ads ID)
- SIM Serial Number
- SIM Subscriber ID (IMSI)
- Phone Number
- Local IP Address
- Bluetooth MAC Address
- Wi-Fi MAC Address
- SDK Version
- Hardware Serial
- Device Build Fingerprints
- Android Version
- Root Access
- Display Info (Screen Info):
 • resolution (in DP and in PX)
 • target DPI
 • screen size
 • physical PPI (pixel density)
 • multitouch
 • diagonal
- System on a Chip (SoC):
 • model
 • cores count
 • architecture (ISA)
 • system type
 • supported ABIs
 • scaling governor
 • GPU model
 • supported OpenGL version
 • GPU extensions

System requirements:
- Android 4.0 or later

Required permissions:
- INTERNET: for Local IP Address;
- BLUETOOTH: for Bluetooth MAC Address;
- READ_PHONE_STATE: for IMEI, IMSI, SIM Serial Number, Phone Number, Hardware Serial;
- READ_GSERVICES: for Google Services Framework ID (GSF ID).

This app version does not have support to handle dual SIM phones. Fields will show only one phone number, IMEI, etc., most likely from the first active SIM card.

Please, instead of rating 1 or 2 star, email at or describe your problem in comments. It will help to make the application better.

About this version (1.01)

- Android 10 support - Dual sim devices support - Fixed icon and logo splash

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Device Info (Device ID)
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