Desire - Couples Game

Desire - Couples Game

Connect with your partner. Desire is the game for couples in love!

Desire - Couples Game
Desire - Couples Game Desire - Couples Game Desire - Couples Game Desire - Couples Game Desire - Couples Game Desire - Couples Game Desire - Couples Game

Desire is a game for couples in love.
Do you like to have fun with your love? Make date night a sexy adventure and every day more exciting. The game challenges your creativity and pushes you and your love to new adventures. It is a fun couples app to play with your love. Are you in a relationship? The Desire game emphasizes romance and intimacy in a new way.

It is a great couples app for all relationships: long-term relationship and new couples. Are you a couple? Do you like taking care of your love and your relationship? Do you like growing and discovering new things in your love relationship? Is your relationship a priority for you? This couples game lets you discover new ways to play with your partner and spice up your relationship. Install Desire for free!

What you can do playing Desire:

💌 Dare your love
Choose from hundreds of dares. We upload new dares every week, so you’ll always have new ideas to add more love and passion to your relationship. Send the dares you like to your love. You can also write your own dares.

💯 Earn points
Each dare has a number of points to earn. When you accept the dare and complete it on time, you earn the points! As a couples app, you’ll both win, you know...

🔥 Move to Chili level
When you complete dares, we are sure that your relationship grows. Also, points will let you reach higher levels in the Desire couples game and unlock the hottest challenges.

💕 Send eLoves
Short messages to send to your love!

💬 Desire Couple private chat
Write anything to your love and send pictures thru the Desire private chat. This couples private and secure chat allows you to have a completely private space for you and your partner. You can also pixelate parts of your pictures before sending them.

📝 Couple Private Journal
Keep a private diary to remember the great moments you spend as a couple. Was it a special day, a spicy day, a romantic day or maybe a day of adventures? A beautiful way to look back to the great moments of your relationship and smile when you see what you did together.

💎 Earn trophies
Earn trophies while playing Desire. Play with your partner and see which of the two gets more and better trophies.

Daily Quiz
Every day, the application will ask you and your love a question. You can't see your love's answer until you've answered the question!

We’re always trying to make Desire a better couples app. If you have questions or suggestions about the couples game, please share them with us and we will reply to all your comments, questions and suggestions.

Download for free Desire - Love Game for Couples!
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