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With digital magazine and newspaper platform Dergilik you can learn immediately without missing anything. Thanks to Dergilik there is now a platform with thousands of magazines and daily newspapers that you can carry in your pocket it is very easy to reach current and historical issues.

With thousands of magazines with rich and diverse content Dergilik is able to keep abreast of the most popular cartoons of the month the most fun columns and fashion.From the application markets to your mobile device you can easily download the magazine and newspaper reading platform to open the application you can add speed and color to your life in your spare time.

Are you ready to get lost in the deep and up-to-date archive that opens up to you by entering your 4 digit password into the Dergilik platform just by adding your phone number right away?

Moreover this digital magazine platform which you can access for free does not only include magazines. Thanks to this platform thousands of news publications are available and you can download and archive what you wish you can follow the current events closely with the read newspaper option.

📲🔎 Explore Yourself! By downloading both magazines and newspapers to the archive part of the application you also have the opportunity to examine one by one whenever you are available. Thanks to the search button of the application you can easily search for the publications you want download what you find and store them under the downloads page and reach it as many times as you want. Once you've downloaded you can read all the content you downloaded even when you're not online.

With Dergilik you can download and read online magazines or newspapers that match your interests and then share them with your friends!

If you are one of those who want to read the news on the newspaper page you can start reading by downloading the national and local broadcasts. As you can use these features in magazines too and also you have a chance to read it later with help of our bracket feature.

• All operator users can benefit from Dergilik.
• Turkcell customers have unlimited access to hundreds of journals with a monthly subscription by paying TL 19.65 per month. Other operator customers may receive unlimited access to hundreds of journals with a standard monthly subscription by paying £ 19.99 a month via Apple Store or Google Play. In addition to this they have a premium package that includes foreign magazines by paying TL 28.99 per month.
• There is a free reading campaign for newspapers that require a paid subscription located under the NEWSPAPERS tab of the application. For each of these newspapers; our subscriber who wants to download the newspaper within that day can download the related newspaper free of charge within the quota given free of charge.
- Turkcell users who are not included in the tariff packages and other operator users can purchase the paid magazines included in the application individually.

- Users who download individual magazines are charged on their mobile internet / fixed internet and their mobile / fixed operator tariffs.

- For detailed information about the magazine service please refer to the mobile application Help> Frequently Asked Questions. You can reach our Security Policy from http// link and the Terms of Use from the link http//

- You can send your comments suggestions and complaints via the Help> Contact Us or e-mail via

We wish you enjoyable readings.

About this version (5.30)

A much better user experience is waiting for you with the new version of the e-magazine and e-newspaper platform Dergilik! - We’ve added the ‘’Discover’’ button by changing the place of the ‘’Home’’ button. You can view various contents such as articles, magazines and newspapers in one section on ‘’Discover’’ button with the new structure. - We made a change on the packages and subscriptions page. You can see the packages you have and other packages together with the new arrangement.

Other versions

5.29.1 released on 12 February 2021 (67 days ago)
5.28.1 released on 05 January 2021 (105 days ago)
5.27 released on 01 December 2020 (140 days ago)
5.26 released on 10 November 2020 (161 days ago)
5.25.1 released on 19 October 2020 (183 days ago)
5.25 released on 30 September 2020 (202 days ago)
5.24 released on 27 August 2020 (236 days ago)
5.24.1 released on 27 August 2020 (236 days ago)
5.23 released on 30 July 2020 (264 days ago)
5.22.1 released on 10 July 2020 (284 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 114 MB
Version: 5.30 by Turktell Bilişim Servisleri A.Ş.
Updated: 16 March 2021 (35 days ago)
Released: 07 October 2011
Installations: more than 10 000 000
5 Stars: 85880
4 Stars: 11448
3 Stars: 3016
2 Stars: 1248
1 Star: 6333

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