Deepstash - Self Improvement, Motivation & Care

Deepstash - Self Improvement, Motivation & Care

Read, learn, discover. It’s all about you, yourself and your life goals.

 Deepstash - Self Improvement, Motivation & Care
 Deepstash - Self Improvement, Motivation & Care  Deepstash - Self Improvement, Motivation & Care  Deepstash - Self Improvement, Motivation & Care  Deepstash - Self Improvement, Motivation & Care  Deepstash - Self Improvement, Motivation & Care

Think of Deepstash as your personal library of thoughts and knowledge. A daily source of inspiring & life changing stories and ideas. Read articles learn skills get productivity tips and discover life hacks. All curated by our team and presented to you in a simple practical and easy to remember short summarized format. Fuel your curiosity and get smarter daily.

It's like your social media feed if your social media feed had things that mattered -)

Content & articles that matter to you. Our team curates the best stories around the web (articles videos podcasts & more from top publications and magazines like Medium Inc Lifehacker Forbes Mark Manson FastCompany BBC Tony Robbins & more) and provides actionable and inspiring short form key insights to improve yourself personally and professionally. A wealth of self help knowledge in your pocket.

Have questions? You’ll surely get answers by reading learning and exploring a world of hard and soft skills as well as interests like time management self improvement leadership self-confidence motivation or psychology that will make you a great fit anywhere in life you put your mind to.

Summarized ideas. You need just 5 minutes per day. Our team works for you. We provide a summary of the main insights of articles and other web content in a short and crisp 100 words or less format we call “ideas”.

Escape the negativity and time wasting pull of social media platforms. Our app’s goal is to help you towards self improvement and self care and to get you motivated inspired wiser and productive.

Personalized content & feed. Choose a few topics of interest (like self improvement time management problem solving love & relationships & more) and then just use the app at your leisure. As you save ideas and use our app we learn what you like and find the best stories and articles to show you every day so you’re motivated and inspired. You don’t even have to work for it.

The more you save ideas the better we learn what articles and topics you love. We refresh your recommendations multiple times a day so you never run out of fresh stories and ideas.

Build and organize your knowledge. You can save ideas in your own personal profile and build your own hub of facts skills quotes information and ideas that matter to you.

Search and filter your ideas and articles by recent oldest or most popular and organise your knowledge into personalised stashes which are basically collections of insights stocked up and ready to go for when you need them a Powerpoint presentation a new job interview a date a project at work or negotiating your rent with the landlord.

Share your knowledge. We make it super easy for you to share the best articles quotes stories and ideas on any channel you want. Send it to a friend on Whatsapp or share it with your followers on Instagram.

Share a link to ideas or just an image. We built special image formats for each social network (Instagram Facebook Twitter and others) so your ideas look best.

No ads. No distractions. 100% Free. The Deepstash app is free and open to everyone. Get a clean reading experience and focus on the content instead of being distracted with annoying ads or dozens of notifications about “premium” subscriptions. Just get a quick free account (Facebook & Google login) and you’re good to go.

And we’ll never sell lease or share your data. Your privacy is really important to us.

Learn new things and become a better smarter you with the Deepstash app!

We're always open to feedback ideas and thoughts about anything that might make our app the best app it can be. Give us a shout at We read every single email we get -)

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About this version (4.3.0)

This update brings quality of life improvements for idea creation. Long live our thoughts! - New guided tooltips for idea creation flow. - Easier access to Drafts and adding ideas. - Search and use any image for ideas. - Reorder ideas in any draft, before publishing. - Brief descriptions for books. - Search is a lot faster. - Lots of bugs fixed. ◦ Share Deepstash on your blog & social accounts or with friends! Let's grow our tribe. ◦ Join our group:

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 Deepstash - Self Improvement, Motivation & Care
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