Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App

Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App

Calm meditations, zen music, & sleep stories to help you be stress-free

 Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App
 Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App  Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App  Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App  Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App  Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App  Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App  Deep Meditate: Calm Meditation & Sleep App

Life can be stressful but meditation isn't. Join us for truly eye-opening meditation sessions fit for beginners and seasoned meditators alike.

We believe that the modern mind is overstimulated. The purpose of Deep Meditate is to help restore an ancient balance through meditation and sleep. The simple app can help you grow your emotional well-being through deep meditation. You will learn mindfulness techniques find ways to become calm cultivate gratitude and experience deep relaxation.

The app is divided into 3 parts to help you take care of your mind

- Meditate To cultivate lasting peace of mind
- Music To escape from the everyday grind
- Sleep To get rest & preserve one's sanity

Each of these sections is there to help you. The purpose of this app is to help you sleep better experience deeper relaxation and enjoy life a bit more. Simply open the app select your meditation theme and press play. Simply sit back relax and breathe in the tranquility.

And don’t worry if you have never meditated before. Each meditation is a guided meditation one that will talk you through each and every step. There are meditations of shorter duration for beginners as well as longer duration sessions for seasoned meditators looking for a challenge.

Guided Meditations
There are 10 distinct meditation suites

- Breathing Meditations
- Mindfulness Relaxation
- Muscle Relaxation
- Traditional Meditation
- Mindfulness Meditation
- 10 Minute Meditation
- Meditation for Beginners
- Workplace Meditation
- Visualization Meditation
- Stress & Anxiety Meditation

Calming Music & Nature Sounds
Put some headphones on and disappear into a world of environments or take a quick nap induced by ambient melodies and extremely relaxing music. Our rich catalog of relaxing melodies will help you calm your mind and get rid of any stress. We have over 250 different music compositions and relaxing nature sounds including

- Crackling Fire
- Waves On A Rocky Beach
- Gently Lapping Water
- Rainforest
- Lazy Crickets
... and more than 250 such tracks!

Music tracks and soundscapes that combine natural sounds and instrumental melodies to form the perfect atmosphere for solo meditation sleep or work.


- Sleep Hypnosis Meditation We've worked with industry-leading hypnosis experts people whose job it is to help you snooze to bring top-of-the-class sleep meditations. These meditations are tried and tested to help users get a deep restful sleep. Simply press play and you'll be asleep in no time!

- Sleep Stories Who says bedtime stories can only be enjoyed by kids? Listen to over 50 sleep stories and wind-downs written especially for adults designed to help you get that much-needed zZz. With one new sleep story releasing every weekend you've always got something to look forward to.

Meditation Timers
There are two timer types included in Deep Meditate for your unguided sessions.

- Meditation Timer Meditating in solitude can be an enlightening experience. But practice makes perfect. A timer helps keep track of time so you don't have to think about it. All timers can be customized by you to have a starting bell background music and an ending bell. In the end the time you meditated for will be added to your progress statistic.

-Open Ended Timer Meditate for as long as you wish while the app keeps time. A subtle gong marks the beginning of a session. You may also choose to have the gong sound at intervals to keep your mind present and in-the-moment.


About this version (2020.137)

In this app update we've added bug fixes and some small improvements to help the app perform better on more devices.

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