D&D Genesis - Character Randomizer

D&D Genesis - Character Randomizer

Roll the dice let chance decide! Make your next campaign one to remember!

D&D Genesis - Character Randomizer
D&D Genesis - Character Randomizer D&D Genesis - Character Randomizer D&D Genesis - Character Randomizer D&D Genesis - Character Randomizer

New to playing D&D and overwhelmed by your choices? Are you a veteran player that feels like you've played everything? Is your group of friends ready to start a new campaign and want to form a completely random team? D&D Genesis is an app designed to create the basis for any great character, or entire party.

Straight out of Wizards of the Coast’s source material we cover the race, class, subclass, ability scores, and backgrounds of your characters. D&D Genesis also features uniqueness for characters when forming a party so that no two party members have to be the same class or race.

D&D Genesis also has you covered for your ability scores. Want a more difficult approach to the game? Try Drop3 when forming your party for a wider range of scores. Want to be more average? Try Standard Array or Point Buy.

D&D Genesis also supports saving characters and tagging them for easier sorting. Keep a collection of past characters you enjoyed or future characters that you look forward to playing. Share characters with your friends, or send a character to your DM to let them know what gallant warrior or mystifying mage you’ll play next!

D&D Genesis features character options from the following books:

Player’s Handbook (5th Edition)
Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (5th Edition)
Volo’s Guide to Monsters (5th Edition)

Make D&D Genesis the start of every great campaign!

About this version (0.0.11)

Thanks for using the Character Randomizer! This release fixes a couple bugs.

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D&D Genesis - Character Randomizer
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