Meet DAYMOOD your daily emotional diary.

Daymood Daymood Daymood Daymood Daymood

Record your day with five emotions. You can record feelings of joy, sadness, anger, irritability, or fear.

Each emotion can also record the intensity from 1 to 100. Just press the emoji just as you feel it.

You can record not only feelings but also what happened at that time. Record what emotions and things you have experienced.

You can view your emotions in emoji, calendar, and list views. Choose a viewing mode that is comfortable or enjoyable.

Provides statistics of monthly emotions. You can see how you felt for a month.

You can share your feelings alone. Share your emoji and calendar as images and share with your friends.

About this version (2.0.5)

- New feelings (just so-so) have been added. - The length of your diary has been increased.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 25 MB
Version: 2.0.5 by Daymood
Updated: 01 March 2021 (154 days ago)
Installations: more than 5 000
5 Stars: 46
4 Stars: 5
3 Stars: 4
2 Stars: 1
1 Star: 1

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