Data & battery control.Grinis

Data & battery control.Grinis

Take control of your data and battery consumption of your smartphone

 Data & battery control.Grinis
 Data & battery control.Grinis  Data & battery control.Grinis  Data & battery control.Grinis  Data & battery control.Grinis  Data & battery control.Grinis  Data & battery control.Grinis

Grinis are little and nice robots who have come to help you controlling the use of the battery as well as 3G/4G and Wi-Fi data use of your smartphone or tablet. With a funny and colourful display they will alert you if necessary and they will give you a lot of valuable information so as to make the most of your digital life. Open the doors of your devices to the Grinis!


-Battery level management

Grinis obtain the battery level directly from your device and they show it to you so that you can forget the little and boring icon that you are used to. Now you will be able to have it always at sight in a flashy attractive and funny way. There is always a Grini keeping an eye on you!

Apart from that you have the possibility of asking a Grini to alert you when the battery level reaches a standard that you decide. They will be pleased to do it for you.

Other information you can obtain

Remaining use time a Grinis group is thinking all the time about how long your battery will be on depending on the use you usually make.

Number of recharges there is always a Grini keeping an eye on the number of times that you have connected your smarphone to the charger or USB port. This will help you to know the useful cycle of your battery in the long term.

Temperature because you do not want your device to be burned or the battery death you will also be able to check the degrees of the battery (either Celsius or Fahrenheit).

Total time use Grinis are loving creatures so that they will always remember the day you met. That is why they will show you in every moment for how long time they have been at your service.

Grini Schooll in this section you will be able to find lots of tricks and advices regarding the use and configuration of your device so that you can take every day the maximum advantage of your battery as well as of your data plan.

-Data download control

Grinis are always watching. They are prepared to obtain the total data volume downloaded to your device by Wi-Fi or 3G/ 4G being able to choose the control use period either monthly weekly or even daily. Grinis will show you the global use value in a funny semicircular screen and at the same time you will be able to see the details in a chart. Thank to the Grinis you will precisely manage how many megabytes enter everyday in your smartphone.

You will also have all this information available

Warnings. As well as in the battery control level you can also ask Grinis to alert you when you exceed a determined consumption level. You can even set two independent data warnings.

Average consumption we have a Grinis group constantly monitoring so as to inform you about which is the average use of megabytes that you daily have.

Recommended consumption depending on the maximum data of your period Grinis will inform you about which is the average consumption you should have. If you exceed this limit you know that you will have to reduce your consumption another day or you will not get to the end!

Data consumption top day Grinis are always monitoring everything and they will inform you about the day that you made the most important 3G/4G data consumption.

And this is only the beginning! Grinis want to know everything and they learn very quickly. They will soon help you with new functions even more useful than the ones we have now so as to monitor everything in your smartphone in a way that you never had seen before. Be alert!

In the meanwhile you can send any enquiry request or complaint to

About this version (1.1.1)

1.1.1 - Minor bug fixed 1.1 - Added french, italian and portuguese languages 1.0.1 - Minor bug fixed - Added Samsung sidebar compatibility

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 Data & battery control.Grinis
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