Dark Lord M

Dark Lord M

Be the lord of the Darkness!

Dark Lord M
Dark Lord M Dark Lord M Dark Lord M Dark Lord M Dark Lord M

The Mecca of the Real-Time Server Integration Battlefield with Dark Fantasy!

โ™ฃ Aura Force Changes by Equipment Tier
โ†’ Acquire the desired tier by tracking the equipment boss.

โ™ฃ Extreme Cluster Set following Aura Force by Tier
โ†’ Best equipment set item in rainbow background!
โ†’ Set effect according to the number of mountings per part!

โ™ฃ Server Integrated Battlegrounds where real-time server-to-server fighting takes place
โ†’ Who will be the best authority for servers!?
โ†’ The battle for the kingdom begins!

โ™ฃ PvP PvE A series of tensions that cannot be left out
โ†’ Connecting systems across safe and dangerous areas to grow
โ†’ Is it hostile or peaceful? the connection of the unknown mission

Public Community
FB @darklordmm
Moot https//moot.us/lounges/300

Customer Service
Email Reception darklordhelp@gmail.com
In-Game Reception Game Access > Setup > Game > Customer Service


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Dark Lord M
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