Daily Yoga & Meditation โ€“ YOGA365

Daily Yoga & Meditation โ€“ YOGA365

Simple yoga breathing & meditation practices to practice daily.

Daily Yoga & Meditation โ€“ YOGA365
Daily Yoga & Meditation โ€“ YOGA365 Daily Yoga & Meditation โ€“ YOGA365 Daily Yoga & Meditation โ€“ YOGA365 Daily Yoga & Meditation โ€“ YOGA365

World-renowned yoga instructor, Eddie Stern releases a new app for learning simple yoga postures, deep breathing, and meditation.

The YOGA365 program provides a full year of guided micro-practices designed to promote positive, daily habits. The app's series of physical movements, activities, and attitudes will transform your body, brain functions, emotions, and how you experience life

Join Eddie Stern and allocate a few minutes each day for overall well-being. With YOGA365, profound change can come from small doses of discipline!

MICRO-PRACTICES. A daily push notification will encourage you to take a break for a posture, some deep breathing, a short meditation, or an inspirational thought.

POSTURES. You will receive short, one to two-minute videos of simple postures throughout the week. One day of the week will be a five-minute sequence. These postures increase flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.

DEEP BREATHING. Breathing practices will be geared towards balancing the branches of your nervous system.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS. Weekly guided meditations will help you reach a state of mindful awareness, connecting the mind, body and soul on a deeper level.

POSITIVE THOUGHTS. Positive thoughts will be sent to help reframe perceptions of the self, your mind, and the way you relate to the world.

INSPIRATION. YOGA365 provides inspiration and advice for healthy diet, sleep, philosophy, and communication which have been found useful in bringing connection and purpose.

PRACTICE WITH EDDIE STERN. The first day of the year-long program will begin on January 1st, 2021. However, the app is available for download December 1st, 2020.

Each practice will take under 5 minutes to complete, making YOGA365 the perfect way to productively start your day or add onto a workout. There will be a calendar to track progress and you must complete each practice before the app unlocks the next.

LANGUAGE. All text and navigation as well as introductory videos will be available in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. However, daily practice videos will only be available in English.

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY. Each practice featured on this app was produced with a minimal carbon footprint in the office as well as on set.

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Practice at your own pace and choose from the following learning paths. Each path provides an array of postures, poses, and lessons with specific intentions in mind. Choose to follow one lesson per day or several, depending on your needs and the desired intensity of practice.

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Daily Yoga & Meditation โ€“ YOGA365
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