Daily Workout & Diet Plan

Daily Workout & Diet Plan

Let's Start to lose you fat and gain your muscle

Daily Workout & Diet Plan
Daily Workout & Diet Plan Daily Workout & Diet Plan Daily Workout & Diet Plan

Daily Workout Diet Plan, the number one workout app, provides free fitness program database to help you stay fit, make progress and get the most out of your gym or home fitness sessions. From beginner to intermediate and than to expert this application offers great workout training with complete diet plan. It has all information about the exercises and home workout training. The Diet plan you will select according to your desire body shape you need.

Top Features
● App - It has four categories Men Exercise, Diet Plan, Weekly Exercise and Home Exercises.
● Men Exercise - It has all Exercises for Men like Chest, Bicep, Triceps, Shoulder, Back, Abs and Legs.
● Weekly Exercise - It has all week plan for the exercises and it has exercises according to you like if you are beginner then select beginner and if intermediate or expert than click on it. It will show all exercises according to your selection.
● Diet Plan - Diet Plan has three categories Weight gain, Weight loss and Muscles gain select the diet plan according to your need how you want shape of your body.
● Home Workout - It includes all body exercises that you can perform easily in your home it also give a feature of timer so you need to do 30 seconds that particular set of exercise.

Hi guys this is a fitness application in which you will find every kind of physical exercises that you do at the gym. There are also variety of home exercises that you can easily do in home. There is complete diet plans that you have to follow in case you want to gain, loss or gain massive muscles. The Diet plan has been taken from a professional Bodybuilder having 6 years of gym experience and a trainer. There are category in the weekly gym exercises where you have three category’s Beginner, Intermediate and Expert if you are beginner then you should do the exercises shown in beginner’s category for three to four months then you should turn to Intermediate and after three to five months you should turn your exercises as in expert category. Then we have Gym exercises in which there is complete exercises of the gym the the description related to the exercise. In the end we have full body home workout exercise that you can do in your home easily. There is a start button on which if you click all the exercise will pop up and you have to do that exercise in 30 seconds. In this application we have used gifs in the next update there will be proper trainer’s doing exercises will be posted very soon.

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Daily Workout & Diet Plan
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