Daily Habit Lite

Daily Habit Lite

Build good habits quickly and easily!

Daily Habit Lite
Daily Habit Lite Daily Habit Lite Daily Habit Lite Daily Habit Lite

Want to create a new habit? Daily habit can help you create habit quickly and easily.
You just follow below steps to start building your habit:
1. Enter something and get started! What could you do to improve your life? We all have room to improve.
2. Setting the round time. 14 days, 21 days or any days.
3. Check in regularly after done until the end of round.

Keep doing and never give up. If you miss one time, the round will be failed. You should keep doing to finish your promised round and will be proud of yourself and keep habits move on.
One habit at a time. We designed that you can only create one habit at a time. Most of the habit gurus agree, when it comes to habits, the only way to succeed is to do one at a time. We have limited willpower and need all of it to invoke a habit change.
Features include:
- Get motivated with streaks - keeping sreaks alive is a powerful tool
- Flexible scheduling - schedule every one day or any other days
- Set reminder to stay on track
- Track your progress by hsitory list and enjoy the achivement
- Share it to friends after done

Please Note: This version is just a trial version. To create more habits, you need upgrade to pro version.

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Daily Habit Lite
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