CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator

CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator

A document scanner for a soft copy of all your important documents at one place.

CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator
CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator

In the long run you sometimes come across paths that need your documents for a task to be done. The instant need leaves you stunned with no choice apart from heading back to your house and then getting your docs in order to get that task done.
The doc scanner that we have developed for you will help you resolve this issue. The CVI doc scanner/ pdf maker lets you store all your documents and files as images or pdf that lets you access them when needed. This soft copy of all your documents saved in the cam scanner can come in handy in an urgent and immediate need of them. The CVI doc scanner also provides the user with an option to store those scanned documents on their drive for safe keeping.
This CVI cam scanner app can suppress the size of the documents that the user has scanned to a min level that is required for the user to read the document. Hence saving a lot of memory and cloud space with the CVI cam scanner App.
The docs will be stored in a systematic way differentiated via the file type for example ID Cards documents books and other sort of documents in the CVI cam scanner app and pdf maker.

The CVI cam scanner app is filled with features that can be pretty useful for the users in the long term and short term use. The handy cam scanner app has a good cam quality that can click photos using the device’s cam to make its PDF or image file in order to save it in the cam scanner and to allow the users to make changes to it.

The handy cam scanner app has a lot of features for the users to use and explore some of the highlighted features in the doc scanner/pdf maker are -

Add Text - This feature allows the user to add any text along with the document in the pdf creator. Making it a very important feature if you want to add any text on any card or form all this can be done with the doc scanner/pdf creator itself.
Multiple Click - The doc scanner/document editor provides the user to select the type of document that the user wants to take and gives the user the freedom to click multiple photos at a time. This is an efficient and effective way to store multiple documents in a faster way in the doc scanner/ pdf creator app.
OCR - This magnificent feature offered by the doc scanner/handy cam scanner app allows the user to convert the data present in any documents in a text format. This saves you the ache of writing the data by yourself. The CVI cam scanner app does this work for you in a fraction of seconds.
Page Orientation - The user can choose the size of the pages from A3 A4 and various others in the document editor/ pdf converter itself.
Sharing - The user can choose to export the files using a share feature that allows the user to share the documents from the document editor/ pdf maker app through various applications or via email.

This CVI cam scanner app/ document editor also provides the user with various photo editing features in order to enhance the photos of the documents if any user chooses to do so. Here are some of the features in the document editor / pdf converter -
Overlay - This photo editing feature in the doc scanner/ pdf maker allows you to add overlay textures in the documents in order to make them more clear and effective.
Adjustments - The photos stored by the user can be edited in various ways by making the changes in the photos adjustments such as brightness contrast and much more in the doc scanner/pdf creator. Also the filters provided by default can be an additional feature. The rotation feature in the doc scanner/pdf converter can come in handy at times.
Signature - To insert signature using doc scanner/ document editor.
Eraser - To erase content from documents in the document editor/ pdf maker.
This doc scanner/ pdf converter comes with a cloud feature that allows you to store all the cam scanner documents directly to your drive which help in keeping those documents safe in case you want to access them from any other device.
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About this version (1.0.4)

Check out the latest Camera Scanner App to avoid last minute scanning problems. Provides different sections for different type of documents like ID-Card, Photo, Book etc.

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1.0.1 released on 19 November 2020 (634 days ago)

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CVI Cam Scanner- Doc Scanner & PDF Creator
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