Custom Weather Alerts

Custom Weather Alerts

Accurate weather forecast for your alerts rain ☔ wind

Custom Weather Alerts
Custom Weather Alerts Custom Weather Alerts Custom Weather Alerts Custom Weather Alerts Custom Weather Alerts Custom Weather Alerts Custom Weather Alerts Custom Weather Alerts

Set the weather alerts that matter to you just when you want:

• Wind alert.
• Rain alert.
• Storm alert.
• Cloudiness, fog and temperature alert.


• Very accurate.
• Weather forecast is served by, that uses data from NOAA model.
• World weather.
• Europe weather.
• Local weather.
Custom Weather Alerts is also a beautiful and handy weather app, with customizable icons and backgrounds.
• Widget with the current weather from your current location.
• The most accurate current and future weather reports.
• Notifications with two sounds: loop alarm sound or simple notification sound.
• Pick up your location manually or let the GPS find your location.
• Lightweight app.
• Gets the name of the weather station.
• Current weather data for more than 200,000 cities.
• Current weather meteorology for any location (lat/lon).
• Humidity, pressure, sunset and sunrise.

Type of alarms or warnings:

• Rain. (More than a desired quantity in mm)
• Temperature. (More than or less than certain degrees)
• Wind. (More than a desired speed)
• Fog / Mist / Haze
• Snow.
• Clouds / Cloudiness. (More than or less than a certain percentage)
• Thunderstorm.

Follow these steps to get started

• Pick up a location or let the GPS do it for you.
• Specify the weather conditions that matter to you.
• Set the days and hours for the weather conditions you want to keep track of.
• Set the hour when the forecast is going to be checked​ everyday.
• Select the type of sound: loop alarm mode or simple notification sound.

Define the weather conditions that matter to you and be always prepared. Weather plays a large part in our lives:

• Windsurf or surf. Will it be windy enough?
• A day at the beach. Will it be hot and sunny?
• Will it rain? Should I hang the clothes out to dry?
• If it rains or snows, I'll wake up sooner to go to work.
• Soaring in aircraft.

About this version (5.8)

Widget bug fixed for android 12 devices.

Other versions

5.6 released on 04 December 2021 (421 days ago)
5.3 released on 14 November 2021 (441 days ago)
5.1 released on 09 February 2020 (1085 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 5.8 by Vázquez Software
Updated: 06 January 2022 (388 days ago)
Released: 07 April 2017
Installations: more than 100 000
Custom Weather Alerts
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