Enterprise application designed to protect users from advanced mobile threats.

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*NOTE Assac Networks CryptoShield is an enterprise application. Please consult with your company’s IT organization before downloading and installing this enterprise app. The Assac Networks CryptoShield app will not operate without the required license and infrastructure.

Secure your users devices and enterprise from known and unknown threats with the only advanced threat detection solution developed specifically for mobile devices - Assac Networks CryptoShield powered by Zimperium.

Assac Networks CryptoShield delivers continuous and real-time threat protection to both your mobile devices and the applications installed on those mobile devices without impacting the device nor jeopardizing the end-user experience.

Leading Threat Detection Capabilities

Assac Networks CryptoShield powered by Zimperium provides comprehensive protection against mobile threats including

* Spearphishing attacks (e.g. malicious URLs PDF files)
* Malicious apps (e.g. “time bombs” self-modifying apps)
* Network traffic redirection attacks (e.g. “man-in-the-middle”)
* SSL stripping techniques
* Rogue WiFi access point
* Rogue base station/femtocell
* Network reconnaissance scans


* Prevents your mobile devices from being compromised by device network and application attacks
* Prevents a compromised mobile device from gaining access to your network
* Provides actionable forensic reporting about every incident on your mobile devices including who where and how attacks occurred
* Enforces risk-based policy management for all mobile devices in your organization remotely from a web-based easy to use console
* Enables productivity while preserving the security of your corporate data
* Offers pervasive platform coverage (iOS Android etc.) to support your BYOD program
* Works seamlessly with your enterprise environment integrating with leading MDM and SIEM solutions

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Activation Instructions

The Assac Networks CryptoShield app is easy to install and operates in user mode. The app does not collect any personal information about the user or share information with third parties.

1. Download the app from the Google Play Store.
2. Install the app on your mobile device.
3. Once installed open the app and enter in your credentials provided to you by your IT administrator.

NOTE Remember to keep the Assac Networks CryptoShield app running in the background for real-time and continuous comprehensive threat protection.

About this version (4.14.0)


Other versions

4.11.0 released on 13 November 2019 (437 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 33 MB
Version: 4.14.0 by Zimperium INC.
Updated: 30 June 2020 (207 days ago)
Released: 16 January 2017
Installations: more than 1 000
5 Stars: 15
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3 Stars: 1
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 7

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