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Create Dictionary

Create personalized dictionaries and add words of your own choice into them

Create Dictionary
Create Dictionary Create Dictionary Create Dictionary Create Dictionary Create Dictionary Create Dictionary Create Dictionary Create Dictionary

Create customized dictionaries for yourself, and add words with meanings, examples, and pictures of your own choice.

This application will allow you to;

• Save new vocabularies of a language you are learning
• Create separate dictionaries for separate languages/books
• Backup your created dictionaries to cloud storage
• Import the backup dictionaries to any of your device
• Share created dictionaries among friends
• Save words and meanings in any language, you can add words in a different language and its meaning in another
• Auto backup, custom word categories, and ad free version of the app can be unlocked by upgrading to premium version

Key features include:
1. Create custom dictionary (list of words)
2. Add words, their meanings and examples
3. Select type of word from the list e.g. verb, noun, etc.
4. Search for meanings of a word from internet
5. Add related picture to your word from internet or device memory
6. Add examples to better understand the word, or meaning
7. Edit or delete the added words
8. Create a list of your Favorite words
9. Copy a word from one dictionary to another
10. Sort words on basis of alphabet/date/random
11. Search for words from all dictionaries
12. Delete and rename dictionaries
13. Merge words of any two dictionaries
14. Save dictionary in PDF format
15. Create a new account, and login to access several features
16. Backup your created dictionaries to cloud server
17. Import your backed up dictionary from cloud server
18. Share your created dictionaries with your friends through a One Time Password (OTP)
19. Receive dictionaries from your friends by entering the OTP
20. Add custom categories for words in your own language e.g. noun, verb, phrase, etc.
21. Choose which details of a word to show or hide — the hidden details can then be seen by clicking the word

About this version (Varies with device)

Login and signup functionality Backup and download dictionaries from cloud server Share and receive dictionaries with others Fixed all bugs occurring while creating PDF of dictionaries Fixed images not being attached in PDF bug Edit and add custom word categories (Premium feature) Show or hide word details from main screen User interface improvements

Other versions

2.1 released on 26 January 2021 (1042 days ago)

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Updated: 06 September 2021 (819 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
Create Dictionary
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