CrackBerry β€” The App!

CrackBerry β€” The App!

The No. 1 source for all things BlackBerry is now on Android and in Google Play!

CrackBerry β€” The App!
CrackBerry β€” The App! CrackBerry β€” The App! CrackBerry β€” The App! CrackBerry β€” The App! CrackBerry β€” The App! CrackBerry β€” The App! CrackBerry β€” The App! CrackBerry β€” The App!

The official app for the No. 1 community that writes about BlackBerry β€”! This is your home to the latest news, reviews, opinions, editorials, podcasts β€” everything you need from the most trusted source for all things BlackBerry. And maybe now Android. Here's the deal:

β˜… The latest from the blog. That means news, reviews, editorials - everything you can get from, we've go it it here as well.
β˜… Search for the latest blog posts, and get forum threads and individual posts, too!
β˜… Widgets for the home screen and lock screen.
β˜… Comment on stories. We know you have an opinion. We know you like to point out typos. Now you can do it easily from our app.
β˜… Tip us to news stories. Get a spy shot of an unreleased BlackBerry? Have a story you think we need to see? Send it straight to us from the app.
β˜… Full access to the CrackBerry Forums. This is *the* best place to get fast and friendly help with your BB, or to discuss the latest news and rumors.
β˜… Videos: Watch every video we've ever uploaded to YouTube. In fact, watch them twice.
β˜… Podcasts: Listen to every episode of the CrackBerry podcast right in our app!
β˜… Wallpapers: You've got full access to our user-submitted wallpaper gallery. Download your favorite directly to your phone!
β˜… Shop for accessories: We've teamed up with to make it easier than ever to pick up the latest charger, cable, dock, headset - whatever you need to make the most of your smartphone.
β˜… Mobile Nations Passport: You can sign in with your Mobile Nations Passport account to leave comments or to post in the forums. And we're working hard on making this even easier in future versions. Hang tight!
β˜… Notifications.


Here's why this app asks permission for certain things, in plain English:

First off, we're using the Android 6.x Marshmallow APIs, which means you you might be asked to allow the app to do something β€” say, access your SD card β€” while you're using the app. That's a good thing!

β˜…Photos/Media/Files & Storage: These two permissions are used so you can upload images and the like to our forums. They're also used for downloading our podcast and from our wallpaper gallery.
β˜…Wi-Fi connection: This helps us better serve our award-winning content to you. It's used for analytics and to make sure nothing's going to kill your connection or anything.
β˜…Full network access/prevent device from sleeping/view network connections/set wallpaper: Gotta have network access to use the internet. Sleeping has to do with playback, and wallpaper is for setting your wallpaper in the wallpaper gallery.

Have a concern about a permission? Ask us! We're happy to help. Email


Did you really read this far? Good for you. You rock. Thanks for downloading this app. And stay tuned for the next version, which will be even better than this one. Namaste.

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Fix app crash bug

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3.1.23 released on 27 June 2020 (1345 days ago)

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Updated: 13 October 2020 (1237 days ago)
Released: 13 December 2013
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CrackBerry β€” The App!
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