Court of Darkness

Court of Darkness

Obey your romantic fantasies in this magical twisted fairytale!

Court of Darkness
Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness Court of Darkness

A brand new title from the Otome Romance Series!

Your lips are the wickedest magical temptation of all.
From Voltage's famous interactive romance series comes the sophisticated, sexy fantasy world of Court of Darkness!
Set in a realm where dark magic reigns, five powerful princes will do anything to win your heart.

◆If you like...◆
- Fantasy worlds
- The gorgeous art of Hazuki Futaba
- Rich, immersive experiences
- Anime and seiyuu/voice actors
- Romantic movies, TV shows, or novels
- Romancing handsome fantasy men
- Interactive stories, visual novels, and otome games
- Romance sims and ones featuring ikemen
- Romance games for nerds and non-nerds alike
- Love stories, shojo manga, or comics
- Free romance apps
- Free games in general
- Secret love affairs
- Fashion, cosmetics, and interior design
- Games geared toward women
- Dress-up games
- Otome fantasy
- Adventures in forbidden fantasy realms
- Handsome princes with twisted secrets
- Happily ever afters
- Being a part of your very own wonderland
- Having gorgeous men obey your every whim
- Forbidden romances worth risking everything for
- The indulgent sweetness of a good otome story

Everyone with a taste for whimsy, romance, and intrigue is welcome!
Find your very own dark prince charming!

◆Featuring the amazing voice talents of...◆
Toshiyuki Someya, Arthur Lounsbery, Yuki Ono, Kensho Ono, Motohiro Ota, Shugo Nakamura, Atom Mizuishi, Wataru Hatano, Keisuke Ueda, Daisuke Kishio, and more!

One night, beneath a crimson sliver of moon,
you find yourself transported to a world of dark fantasy...

Before you stand five beautiful princes, rulers of a twisted magical realm.

They seek the forbidden power that only your lips can grant,
and will use everything within their means to seduce you.

But as they compete for control of your unique abilities,
they come to see your heart as the greater prize.

Once you set foot in this wonderland, there is no turning back.

This dark, indulgent story follows forbidden paths to love...
Will you obey your heart's desires?

"Come now. Grant me your kiss."

◆What's there to enjoy?◆
- Free to download and play!
- Enter a magical otome fantasy wonderland where you can enter into a forbidden romance princes and their valets!
- Dress up in gorgeous outfits and decorate your quarters!
- Play the free Princes' Path and convince these beautiful, twisted ikemen to obey your every whim!

◆About Voltage Inc.◆
Voltage Inc. is a provider of interactive otome stories apps with themes of romance, drama, and adventure, readily available on most mobile devices.
Through these stories, players can become the main character and romance the individual of their dreams. Over 100 otome- themed titles have been released to date and are enjoyed all over the world. Voltage's mission is to bring the spark of love to everyday lives.

Please be aware of the following when playing Court of Darkness:
- This app will not work offline. Please play with a stable internet connection. (Otherwise, data may be lost.)
- When uninstalling the app, purchased items and play data will be deleted unless transfer data is registered.
- Refunds cannot be offered for purchased in-game items.
- For further details, check the user agreement within the app.

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1.1.0 released on 30 October 2020 (823 days ago)

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Released: 26 October 2020
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Court of Darkness
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