Couply: The App for Couples

Couply: The App for Couples

Couply Couples Quiz Relationship & Date Ideas

Couply: The App for Couples
Couply: The App for Couples Couply: The App for Couples Couply: The App for Couples Couply: The App for Couples Couply: The App for Couples Couply: The App for Couples Couply: The App for Couples Couply: The App for Couples

Couply is a free app and has a simple goal.

We help couples increase understanding and foster communication to enhance your relationship.

If you’ve been together 10 years or 10 months, Couply can help. If you’re in a Long Distance Relationship, we can help. Looking to get the spark back? That's what we do.

How does Couply help thousands of couples be the best partner they can be?

• Research-based personality quizzes.

We use quizzes with decades of research to help you understand each other. Learn about you and your partner's Love Style, Turn Ons, Attachment Style, Enneagram number and now – the Couply 16 Personality Types built on the work by Katharine Cook Briggs, Isabel Briggs Myers, and Carl Jung. Understand how this all can affect your relationship and what you can do about it!

• Custom Date ideas

Couply will suggest custom date ideas and relationship articles based on you and your partner’s specific personality type. You can book these dates which are synced to both your calendars, right from Couply!

• Daily Questions

Go beyond surface-level conversations with our conversation cards that spark deep discussion and new topics that foster connection.

• Long Distance Mode

If you’re in a Long Distance Relationship, we’ve got you covered! Couply has a Long Distance mode, with custom articles, date ideas and questions just for those in an LDR.

• Conversation Packs

That dive deep on specific topics, from exploring Moving In, Turn Ons, Marriage to help craf your future together.

• Photo Memories

A shared private album, a space just for you two.

• Milestones

Your anniversaries, birthdays and important dates - all in one place. These generate gift and date ideas in advance giving you plenty of time to plan the perfect moment!

Download Couply to help you become the best partner to your lover. Couply encourages communication, understanding and helps you future-proof your relationship!

About this version (1.3.18)

We update Couply as often as possible to really help you and your partner get the best experience. Here are a couple of changes you’ll find in the latest update: - An updated look for dates and memories - Bug fixes and UI updates

Other versions

1.3.14 released on 01 May 2022 (65 days ago)
1.3.11 released on 22 April 2022 (74 days ago)
1.3.7 released on 29 March 2022 (98 days ago)
1.3.2 released on 27 February 2022 (128 days ago)
1.2.39 released on 11 February 2022 (144 days ago)
1.2.35 released on 02 January 2022 (184 days ago)
1.2.33 released on 11 December 2021 (206 days ago)
1.2.31 released on 20 November 2021 (227 days ago)
1.2.28 released on 28 September 2021 (280 days ago)
1.2.27 released on 16 September 2021 (292 days ago)
1.2.25 released on 11 September 2021 (297 days ago)
1.2.21 released on 22 August 2021 (317 days ago)
1.2.20 released on 06 August 2021 (333 days ago)
1.2.15 released on 20 July 2021 (350 days ago)
1.2.13 released on 07 July 2021 (363 days ago)
1.2.11 released on 20 June 2021 (380 days ago)
1.2.10 released on 07 June 2021 (393 days ago)
1.2.9 released on 24 May 2021 (407 days ago)
1.2.8 released on 17 May 2021 (414 days ago)
1.2.6 released on 04 May 2021 (427 days ago)
1.2.3 released on 25 April 2021 (436 days ago)
1.2.1 released on 12 April 2021 (449 days ago)
1.1.9 released on 06 March 2021 (486 days ago)

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Couply: The App for Couples
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