Country Life

Country Life

Get into Thai-style country love story!

Country Life
Country Life Country Life Country Life Country Life Country Life

If you are impressed with the way Thai people live in countryside this is the first time you will really get involved.


โ˜… Love Story
Play as Derek a young boy who has true love with Tida the girl from the same village. Would they have happy lives together it is up to you.

โ˜… Be Thai farmer
Living in Thailand's countryside is very relaxing nothing to worry. Let's enjoy the time get yourself off this busy life and enjoy Country Life. Do farming and chit-chat with the lovely neighbors.

โ˜… Live & Learn
Live in this beautiful nature and learn how to be a good farmer. Run your farm get through some funny hassles. Prove to people that you are worth enough for Tida your love.

โ˜… Get social
Connect to Facebook and you will get a reward for every game-month. Once connected you will be able to visit your friends' farm.

Country Life is unique fun and romantic. This is the experience you will never get from elsewhere but Country Life.


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Country Life
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