CopyBox - clipboard notes

CopyBox - clipboard notes

Online insertion of previously prepared text and notes in the input field

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CopyBox - clipboard notes
CopyBox - clipboard notes CopyBox - clipboard notes CopyBox - clipboard notes CopyBox - clipboard notes CopyBox - clipboard notes CopyBox - clipboard notes CopyBox - clipboard notes CopyBox - clipboard notes

If by the nature of your activity you need to type or paste somewhere the same texts and notes, then this application is for you!
With CopyBox you can significantly increase your productivity.

The application is designed for quick insertion into the input field of previously prepared text. It can be your signature, greeting, a simple note, and indeed anything.

You can add an infinite number of records to insert at the right time. The note itself is not limited in length and may contain entire pages. Text is inserted into any input field. It can be any Internet resource, for example, social networks, instant messengers, various sites and forums!


The application is designed to be convenient and easy to use.
Insert your note in any field where there is only a cursor for typing!
Work on top of other applications
It can display on top of other applications.
Floating button
The ability to quickly open the application thanks to a moving floating button.
Unlimited number of notes and categories (premium)
Convenient organization and editing notes.
Quick search
Search for words in your categories and notes.
Import Export
Ability to easily backup notes.
Without advertising
The complete lack of advertising!

Very often at work, and this can be, in principle, any work at all, we use some kind of repeating texts that we regularly use. This can be, for example, template answers to one of the clients, some code templates for the site, ready-made texts for the documents to be prepared, notes and much more.

CopyBox is an instant paste of template text. When you write emails or documents, you often copy and paste the same words, phrases, greetings, email addresses, or web pages. This is especially true for people who are engaged in various online businesses: most of the standard questions have been asked more than once and have template answers.

Create various lists to conveniently organize your collection.
Notes can be viewed, edited, deleted, or shared.
You create a convenient notes clipboard for yourself!

How to use CopyBox - clipboard notes:

You add the necessary note once to the created category. If you need to insert a predefined phrase, you simply press the floating button (you can turn it on or off in the settings), and in the list that appears, select the desired template. After selecting a note, it remains only to insert where you need it. That's the whole process!

Conveniently? Of course! This will save a lot of time, increase your productivity, improve the quality of dialogue!


About this version (2.0.0)

Updated version of the application. Bugs fixed. Thanks for your support!

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1.3.6 released on 06 July 2020 (941 days ago)

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CopyBox - clipboard notes
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