Construction Truck Sim 2017

Construction Truck Sim 2017

Park your truck in 3 construction missions all over USA.

Construction Truck Sim 2017
Construction Truck Sim 2017 Construction Truck Sim 2017 Construction Truck Sim 2017 Construction Truck Sim 2017 Construction Truck Sim 2017 Construction Truck Sim 2017 Construction Truck Sim 2017

If construction trucks are your thing, search no more! Play Construction Truck Simulator 2017 and enjoy a variety of missions, from precision parking of big rig trucks to ambulance missions and even airport vehicles simulator tasks.

The story starts in Alaska with a small truck and as you progress through the missions you earn cash to purchase bigger and better construction machines.

Here are some of the most exciting features of Construction Truck Simulator 2017:

- 3D high-quality graphics
- Test your parking skills in Alaska and Chicago, and many other realistic locations.
- 42 construction and parking levels to play, including 6 special missions.
- 4 types of game-play: Normal campaign, time trial, maximum score in a limited time and chase mode. But don't forget the special mode, where you drive special vehicles like a construction truck, an ambulance, a fire truck, or even a plane tug!
- Many upgrades and exciting achievements to gain by progressing through the levels, playing the secret missions, or mastering a hard gameplay.

Prove your truck driving skills in various conditions. Some of the levels will only require you deliver materials to the construction site, while others will add to your quest, by giving you the opportunity to cash in on some bonus time points. Other levels will have you follow a big truck ahead of you, to test your ability to follow directions exactly as told. Rewards and achievements will add to the fun of your missions, while upgrades from pick-up trucks to lorry trucks and even big trailers and 18 wheeler American trucks will help you go from one level to another.

Your quest will take you from easier missions in Alaska where you have to masterfully drive a small truck and a lorry and deliver construction materials for a mansion. If you manage to finish all the tasks and show off your parking skills, the next step is Chicago. Here you will be upgraded to larger construction trucks and your skill is put to the test in a dozen parking levels with the end-goal of building a massive stadium,. And this wouldn't be a construction truck simulator unless it had some metropolis location in it - and it does! The last chapter takes you to New York where all delivery, construction and speed-parking missions revolve around building an airport. New and exciting trucks are available here, from classic, all-American 18 wheeler trucks to different special vehicles like the airplane tug.

Download for free one of the most anticipated construction truck simulators of 2017 and put your truck-driving skills to the ultimate test.

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Size: 64 MB
Version: 1.2 by EVL PPY
Updated: 19 January 2017 (1711 days ago)
Released: 19 January 2017
Installations: more than 50 000
Construction Truck Sim 2017
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