Companion for Grim Dawn

Companion for Grim Dawn

Companion app to help with planning builds in the PC game Grim Dawn.

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Companion for Grim Dawn
Companion for Grim Dawn Companion for Grim Dawn Companion for Grim Dawn Companion for Grim Dawn Companion for Grim Dawn

This app allows you to quickly and easily view all devotions, and fine-tune different paths to get what you want as efficiently as possible.

Features include:
-Comprehensive list of all devotions, including their requirements, rewards, points, and content descriptions.
-Restrictions mimicking the Game system in order to ensure realistic paths.
-Full text search by devotion name or content.
-Running tally of affinity acquired while adding and removing devotions.
-Filter by affinity reward, or starred devotions.
-Ability to star devotions, allowing you to see their total requirements.
-Auto-saves so you don't lose your place.
-Ability to copy a summary of your path to share externally.

This app was created for my own use, as I love this game and want to squeeze every ounce of joy I can from it. I am publishing it here in hopes that it may help someone else as well.

This app is in no way endorsed by, supported by, encouraged by, or in any way even acknowledged by Crate Entertainment. The information in this app is from my own searching, and may become out of date. Please let me know if you find any discrepancies :)


About this version (1.5)

-Added the ability to save/load multiple builds! Now you can switch between any saved builds with ease. -Updated search to allow multiple search phrases, separated by comma. For example "Anvil, regeneration". -Added new toggles to the filter: match all/any, and match rewards/requirements. -Added an indicator showing all new constellations that become available. -Added a warning when trying to remove a constellation that is self-sustaining.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 46 MB
Version: 1.5 by Andrew Snyder
Updated: 26 October 2019 (597 days ago)
Released: 15 August 2019
Installations: more than 5 000
Companion for Grim Dawn
5 Stars: 42
4 Stars: 7
3 Stars: 2
2 Stars: 1
1 Star: 4

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