Color Chill: 3D Coloring Book

Color Chill: 3D Coloring Book

Color 3D scenes and discover tiny stories

Color Chill: 3D Coloring Book
Color Chill: 3D Coloring Book Color Chill: 3D Coloring Book Color Chill: 3D Coloring Book Color Chill: 3D Coloring Book Color Chill: 3D Coloring Book Color Chill: 3D Coloring Book

A unique 3D coloring book
Create your masterpiece and unleash your creativity in this original 3D coloring Book for adults and kids. Navigate through low poly diorama by zooming, rotating and changing viewpoints to create stunning pictures. It's the perfect app to ease your mind.

The new color therapy
Relax and enjoy watching the color spread around the world in a soothing way. Color everything how you want. Say no to all this color by number and pixel coloring games. Let yourself be creative : express yourself.

Discover stories
More than a simple adult coloring book, Color a Story is an app that features cute stories through series of coloring. Discover our take on traditional fairy tales as well as our original stories and universes. Each 3D diorama is part of a unique world.

3D has never been so easy
If you love coloring books, but you are afraid of trying it in 3D, you have found the app that will make you love it! It's not like your usual color by number or pixel coloring book. Here you color directly within the diorama. You navigate inside the picture. We prepared everything for you with great love and care: in each scene, we displayed several handpicked points of view that you can switch in one click or swipe. You will love how simple and relaxing it is. Even adults that are not familiar with 3D are enjoying it.

Low Poly for everybody
With a broad range of low poly styles and universes, it is sure that you will find a coloring that you will enjoy. If you are tired of coloring voxels or pixels, this coloring game is for you. Whether you like gardens, animals, or adventurous quests, you will find a diorama that will match your taste.

- Hundreds of stunning low poly scenes to choose from: we are constantly adding new ones
- Color and recolor each scene as many times as you want
- Save high-resolution images in your phone gallery out of your 3D paintings
- Navigate inside the paintings: Change viewpoints, zoom and rotate the camera
- Discover dozens of stories featuring each a custom color palette
- Change the mood of your painting with handcrafted backgrounds
- Use simple controls: color in one tap, revert if you make a mistake and pick your favorite ton directly from the scene
- A perfect family app for adults and kids.

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