Colombia Noticias

Colombia Noticias

Daily updates with the latest news in Colombia!

Colombia Noticias
Colombia Noticias Colombia Noticias Colombia Noticias Colombia Noticias Colombia Noticias Colombia Noticias

This App is the fastest and easiest way stay updated with the latest news in Colombia.

It comes with a recommended list of popular news sources of the country, but you can always Add, Remove or Adjust any news source according to your needs.

Specially designed for people with short time to follow the latest news, the app periodically selects the most relevant content to notify you according to your Notification Settings.

You can mark articles to be Read Later or Read in Offline mode. See all the other options under the Settings menu.

โœ“ All news grouped in one tab.
โœ“ News filtered by source.
โœ“ Clean and simple user interface.
โœ“ Easy to use.
โœ“ Search for articles.
โœ“ Periodic enhanced notifications.
โœ“ Read articles in offline mode (allowing you to read it while on airplane mode)
โœ“ Mark articles to Read Later.
โœ“ Add/Edit/Remove news sources.
โœ“ Subscribe to any valid RSS or ATOM feed url
โœ“ Subscribe to a news feed from your default browser
โœ“ Share the article with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or e-mail
โœ“ Other advanced settings, just go to Settings screen

If your preferred news source isn't listed, try to look it up for its RSS feed and manually add it to the app. Or you can also to it automatically by going to news source website on your browser and 'Share' the link with the App and it will add the new source automatically (NOTE: it only works if the website RSS feed info is available).

The app is a RSS feed reader that allows you to add/edit/remove RSS or ATOM feeds from any source.

We appreciate every feedback you give us, don't forget to support us by rating this app.

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NOTICE: This application makes use of Google Analytics (, an analytical tool that collects access data anonymously and help us to continuously improve this application.

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Colombia Noticias
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